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What do you feed a vegetarian on Christmas Day?

Keyword tags: christmas cooking vegetarian
Posted by , December 16, 2011, 2:42 am [Permalink]

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So I have four carnivorous guests, one goose and one veggie. The veggie is a proper veggie, i.e. no fish. But he is fond of eggs, cheese, butter etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for something festive that would go with roast potatoes and greens, which could be enjoyed by all and not make my vegetarian guest feel he's been left out of the main event?

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Bit late for this answer, I'm sorry - but McSween's Vegetarian Haggis is the bees knees for this kind of scenario! It's super-delicious, has all the pro-veggie advantages of a tasty, proteinacious nut roast and it boils in a bag (so it's easy - cripes, I even see there's a 1 minute version! http://www.macsween.co.uk/veghaggisinaminute/minute_haggis.html), can be eaten as stuffing by meaties and - as I've just discovered via a quick Google search - the leftovers cook up into all sorts of other tasty items, including...HAGGIS PAKORA!! http://www.macsween.co.uk/recipes/vegetarian-haggis I know it sounds weird but it is DELICIOUS. Got one from the deli in the Covered Market years ago...otherwise they're available online. Hope it went well! :)

Posted by Roo, December 29, 2011, 2:43 pm [Permalink]

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I think some sort of rich, mushroomy, nutty roast goes well with the wintery roasted vegetables. I made a mushroom wellington with mushroom gravy last year for a mixture of vegans and non-vegetarians, and it went down very well indeed. The mushroom wellington was extremely laborious to make, but it was very lavish and tasty - I made it in advance (using bought puff pastry), froze it, and cooked it from frozen on the day.


Posted by Abi, December 16, 2011, 12:57 pm [Permalink]

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