Fit Kit Beauty Salon

St Clements, Oxford  01865 251891

Fit Kit has been a popular beauty salon with students for several years due to its central location, wide range of services and student discounts offered on already competitive prices.  Whilst making the phone call to book the appointment, the receptionist asks me what my beauty requirements are.  As a total body refit may have taken some time, we settle for a facial to temporarily remove fine lines and a session on the toning tables.

Fit Kit offers six types of facials (starting from £25 for facial massage).  After a skin analysis and a consultation to find out what I want to achieve from the facial (looking 10 years younger for a wedding that weekend) Fiona, the beautician, recommends the 30 minute Crystal Clear facial to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface.  This system was used extensively by the glitterati in the pre-botox days.  The sensation of the facial is one of tingling abrasion on the skin but Fiona assures me this is doing me good.  Crystal Clear is also recommended for acne and does a great job in temporarily reducing one of my old chicken pox scars.

The toning tables may not be enough to get you prepared for the London Olympics but the gentle movements make for an enjoyable and doable weight loss programme.  One of the tables simulates sit-ups; you lie still whilst the table moves your body for you.  Other toning tables boost relaxation and one reduces water retention.

During the session, a lifestyle check is made and advice is given to help keep me on the path to beauty heaven.  When I reveal my current skin care regime (water ­ towel - moisturiser), Fiona directly asks, "can I ask you why you are moisturising dead skin cells?" I vow to invest in a cream exfoliator, which will be less harsh, and to apply it using circular motions.  Fiona is very forgiving when I own up to having been living on cola for past 18 years as long as I promise to drink 2 glasses of water for every drink of cola, tea or coffee to re-hydrate my body.  Fit Kit definitely aims to follow you on your beauty journey and helps you feel nurtured.  A glass of water is offered to you on leaving, encouraging you to start as you mean to go on, along with samples of Pier Augé eye gel and face mask to see you through the week.  Tips on applying eye product (gel being preferable to cream, as creams can increase lines and cause puffiness) are given; start along the brow making a circle around the eye socket then pat with your fingers under the eye.  

Lines are reduced after the facial for a good 10 days and this sees me through the wedding.  Long after my face has pinged back to normality I find a more lasting effect; thanks to Fiona¹s insistence, I am downing water without thinking about it.  Next appointment I am definitely telling Fiona about my chocolate habit!

Lita Doolan (September 2005)