Product Review:
Mindfold Relaxation Mask


The Mindfold mask is like a blindfold, hence the name, only much, much better. The crucial difference, which puts it in an entirely different class to those flimsy little things you get on planes, is the soft black foam. This moulds to your face in such a way that you can sit comfortably in total darkness, with your eyes open. Nothing presses on any sensitive part of your face. The Velcro straps are easily adjustable. In short, it’s extremely comfortable and the temptation is to keep it on for a long time.

Why? If you spend your days working at a computer, or poring over small print, you should already know, or be able to guess. Looking into darkness is incredibly relaxing, both for your stinging eyes and the frazzled brain behind them. Our eyes are the gateway for most of the never-ending stream of input that batters our grey matter. It is actively refreshing to have them open with nothing coming in.

And I do mean nothing. The Mindfold makes it much more completely dark than just closing your eyes. The result? All your newly spare brain capacity kicks in. You begin to hear. All around you. And feel your body, as it tingles gently. When you reluctantly take the mask off you notice that the world is very bright and cluttered, and you vow to put it back on again as soon as life permits. It’s especially nice for coach, and we imagine, plane journeys.

When I passed mine around the Daily Info office, there was a unanimous chorus of “I want one.” There are now half a dozen more on the way. Staff are coming in early to check the post and see if they’ve arrived.

The Mindfold is available in the UK from for £12.99, or in the US for just under $20 (+ $4 postage) from the helpful people at

Daily Info recommends.

Ian Threadgill