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Services in Oxford

Removals? Gardening? Cleaning? Tuition? Here's where you can find people offering these services and much more, and you can advertise your own.

Services Offered

  • Services Offered – Daily Info's advertisement board- peruse ads (for removals, decorating, sewing, cleaning and sundry other services) on the Daily Info website. Or, indeed, place your own ad!
  • Computer Services – where to find computer support, web design and walk-in internet / photocopying services in Oxford. See also Computer Sales.
  • Tuition – browse (or place) tuition-related ads!
  • Jobs Wanted – place an ad if you're looking for a job, or look for people to come and work for you.


  • How Stuff Works – Just plain curious about this weird and wonderful world we live in? If you can't find an answer on 'Get Help for Anything', perhaps this site will sate your curiosity...
  • Legal Help – Moving house? Suing your boss? Preparing to shuffle off this mortal coil? Or simply find yourself with one spouse too many? You need Daily Information's Legal Links...
  • Help Organizations – lists of national and community organizations dedicated to help, support and advice.
  • Medical Help – Want to know what your ideal weight should be? Worried about that embarrassing pimple on the side of your nose? Browse these websites and find anwers to all your health-related questions...
  • Credit Check – check your UK credit rating...
  • Cheap Energy Suppliers – save money on your household bills...