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Looking for a job in Oxford, starting your career or seeking a new employee? You're in the right place!

With England's second highest percentage of students (over 30% of Oxford's population is full-time students, and we're beaten only by Cambridge), Oxford is a young city with a buoyant job market. Part-time work is in good supply and we have one of England's highest employment rates - plus the highest number of jobs in public admin, education and health.

Still the home of Oxfam and the mini, the presence of two world-class universities and one of the UK's largest NHS teaching trusts has resulted in a boom in biotech, R&D and creative media/IT spin-offs. After all, over 45% of us have qualifications of NVQ4 and above (compared to just under 30% for the country as a whole)*.

Daily Info carries all manner of Oxford jobs, from permanent positions in HR, teaching, research and publishing to part-time posts in catering, hotels and services - with some jobs that start TODAY. Whether you're seeking the perfect job or the perfect employee, you're in the right place.

To make your job application stand out you'll need to pay close attention to the ad, and show how you fit the brief better than anyone else. To help you do that (and for full info on what a cover letter should include) see our Effective Job Applications advice page. Good luck!

*Figures from Oxford City Council

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Discrimination Law: what you can say in Job ads

In the UK it is illegal to discriminate against people on the grounds of race, gender, marital status, age, nationality, belief, ethnicity or disability (known as protected characteristics). This means if you are offering a job, you must be fair to all applicants and pick the person who can best do the job. You may not discard applications just because of someone's sex, where they were born, religion, age and so on.

Sometimes there is a good reason why you might need to discriminate, and this is known as a Genuine Occupational Qualification (GOQ).

Whereas these examples would be illegal:

This is a complicated area, and a lot of further information is out there. We recommend the ACAS website (and phoneline) which gives free advice to employers and employees. Their website is The government website on this topic is clear, though it does not go into great detail.

If you think you have suffered discrimination in a job application or been denied a service on grounds of one of the protected characteristics, then the Citizens Advice Bureau may be helpful. Their Oxfordshire locations and contact details are here: