Jericho Place

at the Playhouse until Sat 30th

In this entertaining and hilarious student production, the story revolves around the millionaire businessman Arnie Spinner (who has reached the top of the corporate world and now wants a new career in parliament), returning to his old university town Oxford to contest a by-election as an independent candidate. Here he meets Amy, the middle aged owner of the Jericho Place café-bar, and a romance blossoms amid the wheeling -dealings of an election campaign.
The Jericho café-bar is the focal point that also stands for nostalgia. It is frequented by regulars: an eccentric don (Colin) and a rowdy group of students who are members of an absurd society (and ready to moon at the drop of a hat). The bar employs a struggling musician (Mike), and his girlfriend (Charlotte), who harbours political ambitions. Music is lively and lyrics are interesting and funny, but not everyone is a singer, so the orchestra tends to drown the less trained voices. There are some minor glitches: the jackets (worn by men and Dot) bunching up during some of the dances are a bit unsightly; Amy's uncomfortable walk in high heels provides a minor irritation; the pause during which the audience is left staring at the lone bench on the stage, is slightly long; and, the scene of campaign office from behind the screen could have been shortened. Although a comedy, the musical combines cynicism with romance. There are quite a few gags - my friend complained of aching cheeks!
All in all Jericho Place is quite entertaining and a good way to unwind after a long day at lectures/labs/libraries.

Vibha Joshi