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This page is for buying and selling computers, software, and parts. If you're after a second hand macbook, laptop, netbook, or tablet, or if you want to sell a monitor, hard-drive, speaker, or keyboard, this is the place to look! Searching for repairs? See our computer services page. After computer games? They often turn up in Books, CDs, Videos and DVDS.

  • Mon 25th Jul, 16:08
    Antec 380w PC power supply new £20 Email Me 
  • Mon 25th Jul, 16:01  
    1tb 2.5" laptop sata 3 hard drive £25 Email Me 
  • Mon 25th Jul, 14:27
    42 INCH TV plasma, good price, available ASAP 07462 529829
  • Mon 25th Jul, 12:51 OX4 4QS - Map
    SONY SmartWatch 3 £70 07787 408266 Email Me 
  • Mon 25th Jul, 12:10 OX2 6UD - Map
    Draytek Vigor 2500 ADSL Router £2 Email Me 
  • Mon 25th Jul, 07:19 OX2 7BA - Map  
    Laptop (Incase) bag £10. Pls email for photo Email Me 
  • Mon 25th Jul, 02:20
    Acer Aspire Computer M3802 4GB Ram, 750 GB hard disk, Intel Core 2 Quad, 2.50 GHz £40 Email Me 
  • Mon 25th Jul, 01:22
    LCD Flatscreen Monitor AOC L19wh 19". Excellent £20 Email Me 
  • Sun 24th Jul, 23:59 OX1 2LW - Map
    Various SDRAM Memory Modules £1 Email Me 
  • Sun 24th Jul, 23:58 OX2 6UD - Map
    HP Parallel Printer Cable P/N: C7697-47300 cable (brand new), £3 Email Me 
  • Sun 24th Jul, 19:31
    HP DESKJET F2100 All-In-One colour printer/scanner/copier. With installation disk and original HP power supply. £20. Email Me 
  • Sun 24th Jul, 17:42
    19" Monitor LCD Flatscreen. GNR TS900. Excellent! £20 Email Me 
  • Sun 24th Jul, 16:57
    LCD flatscreen monitor. Packard Bell FT500. Excellent. Stylish design. £15. Email Me 
  • Sun 24th Jul, 08:25
    BT business hub router. Unused. As new in box. £5 Email Me 
  • Sun 24th Jul, 08:23  
    LCD Flatscreen Monitor(s) Three to choose from. £20 each / £50 all three. Cables not included. Email Me 
  • Sun 24th Jul, 02:19 OX4 2HX - Map
    Lenevo computer. Intel pentium g360 processor. 250GB hard drive. 4GB ram. Excellent condition. Selling for £75. Call 07894 890892 Email Me 
  • Sat 23rd Jul, 19:55
    Epson Stylus Office BX320FW Printer almost new for £25 with box Email Me 
  • Sat 23rd Jul, 19:39 OX2 6UD - Map
    PS2 to 9-Pin Serial Mouse-Adapter £2 Email Me 
  • Sat 23rd Jul, 19:38 OX2 6UD - Map
    Compaq Presario Notebook PC (hard disk required) £40 Email Me 
  • Sat 23rd Jul, 19:36 OX2 6BB - Map  
    Large glass computer table for sale, ?bargain £20 Email Me 
  • Sat 23rd Jul, 13:47 OX14 5ER - Map  
    Nintendo wii 7 games £25 Email Me 
  • Sat 23rd Jul, 08:53
    HP Pavilion, full system, Windows 7,Office, excellent condition, £40, 07538 159857 Email Me 
  • Sat 23rd Jul, 08:52  
    Graphics Card, Gigabyte GTX 660ti, 2gb, hardly used £70 07538 159857 Email Me 
  • Fri 22nd Jul, 20:31 OX2 6BQ - Map  
    HTTP://OXFORDWEBSERVICES.COM Affordable no-hassle web service. Get your business on the web or update your existing site. info@oxfordwebservices.com
  • Fri 22nd Jul, 16:41 OX3 0AX - Map
    Dell Laptop Bag - Original, Protective cushion, plenty of side pockets, VVGC £10 Email Me 
  • Fri 22nd Jul, 13:09 OX4 7YG - Map  
    Excellent computer desk £5 07951499744 Email Me 
  • Fri 22nd Jul, 07:20  
    Selling xbox360 and PS3 games in bulk. Some of games never been played. Contact 07913 456947 Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 21:53
    SKYLANDERS Trap Team for PS4. New. £15. Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 21:07 OX2 6UD - Map
    Deskstar D350 422.00 Desktop Mid Tower (hard disk required) £75 Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 21:06 OX2 6UD - Map
    Parallel Printer Cable £3 Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 20:35 OX3 8EN - Map
    Job lot of ps2 games ?32 Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 13:33  
    XBOX 360 Game - NBA Basketball 2K6, good condition, £3 Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 13:30  
    XBOX 360 game - Shift 2 Unleashed, Limited Edition, good condition, £3 Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 13:04
    Selling different ink cartridges b/w AND colour for Epson Stylus printer C 62/CX 3200 for ONLY £10 each! Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 10:17  
    DELL 19 inch monitor E1916H black. New, unopened with warrenty £40. 07884436514 Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 09:32  
    Very good condition computer sat 110£ only tel 07795656139
  • Thu 21st Jul, 08:48 OX4 1JW - Map
    Samsung SL-C181xW colour printer with cartridge, brand new in original packaging, £75 (RRP £200) Email Me 
  • Thu 21st Jul, 06:54
    DGM Widescreen LCD Monitor 20.1" ?£50.00 Email Me 
  • Wed 20th Jul, 07:14 OX3 9DU - Map  
    15" MacBookPro second-hand batteries 10.8V 5800mAh and power supply cable ?15. Email Me 
  • Tue 19th Jul, 16:40 OX4 2EN - Map  
    Dell Desktop in top form, with keyboard. MS7 Prof, Intel Core 1.86GHz 2 Cores plus more...£90 ono Email Me 

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