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Lost and Found

Lost something? Place an ad here. If you've found something that looks valuable, do please add it here too! If we have time and space, we occasionally put ads from this section into print as well, at no extra charge.

  • Thu 16th Apr, 18:10  
    Lost: Rose-Gold hoop earring saturday 11th at Varsity Club, or from High Street down St Aldates. Very sentimental, Thanks! Email Me 
  • Thu 16th Apr, 11:05  
    Lost vw car keys near Christ Church or town centre. Large reward for finder please call 07760669372 Email Me 
  • Wed 15th Apr, 20:53  
    LOST KEYS: gorilla keychain with 3 silver keys (2 large one small) Email Me 
  • Wed 15th Apr, 09:52  
    FOUND: Watch. In meadow by Donnington bridge river/rowing/canoe club. Yours if you can tell me inscription. Email Me 
  • Tue 14th Apr, 01:02  
    Found: Remote control helicopter landed in our garden in North Oxford on April 6th. Email Me 
  • Tue 14th Apr, 01:02 OX33 - Map  
    Ladies Raleigh caprice, burgundy bike stolen on Monday in Forest Hill area. Reward if found, Email jillkeelin110@hotmail.com
  • Mon 13th Apr, 17:41  
    MACBOOK-PRO LAPTOP MISSING April 11-12, containing all son’s work. Grateful if found or a copy of the files. 07817 601028.

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