Amateur Dramatics in Oxford

There is a rich theatre scene in Oxford and the surrounding area thanks to a wealth of fabulous venues and heaps of eager people to get involved. Here Daily Info breaks down how you can find the right group for you and cultivate a fabulous new hobby.

1. Find the right group for you.

There are some thirty amateur drama groups in Oxford so there is a wealth of choices for those keen to get involved. Check out Daily Info's Amateur Drama Directory to find the one nearest to you. It is worth taking into consideration the kind of works the group puts on. If you'd rather not sing or perform Shakespeare we'd advise steering away from those that perform a lot of these kinds of works.

2. Try and see the group's latest show

It's always useful to get an idea of the kind of productions a group puts on. For some (myself included) there is a preference to perform in a smaller venue like a village hall. It also helps for you to get an idea if you think you'll fit in a group. So check out our events listings for upcoming productions to go along to.

3. Make contact

Once you've picked a group contact them and let them know you'd like to get involved. You should also inform them if you are looking to act or be more involved behind the scenes. There is role for everyone in most am dram groups. There will be those groups that hold auditions for each production and others that you can drop in on and get involved straight away.

What else you can get involved with

There are also a number of drama festivals that take place throughout the year. These include:
Offbeat Festival: Oxford's very own fringe festival has a number of opportunities to perform and volunteer during its run.
Oxford Shakespeare Festival: running for eight weeks at the Oxford Castle and Prison, this is the premiere chance to get involved with Shakespeare in Oxford. Keep an eye out for auditions or contact the theatre companies taking on the Bard.
ODN Drama Festival: one act drama festival with two or three plays performed a night, with the top three selected for a gala night to end the festival. You can submit a play to perform and get involved with a drama group that will be performing a piece for this.
Wallingford Drama Festival: annual one act festival taking place at the Wallingford Corn Exchange. Drama groups will often rehearse a short piece for this.

Some great links to check out

Oxfordshire Theatre Makers: a network for Oxford-based creatives, this is particularly useful for its resources section with guides on everything from writing marketing copy to venues to how to find a designer for your show.
Oxfordshire Drama Network: a useful organisation offering support to non professional drama and operatic societies. there is a wealth of information here about upcoming productions, auditions and other events.

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