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Welcome to the DI pets page! Your one stop shop for finding pre-loved pets in the Oxford area, dogs, puppy play pens or just looking at cute pictures of kittens for sale.

BANNED DOGS Ownership of some breeds of dog is outlawed in the UK. These include pit bull terriers, Japanese Tosas, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero. Some pit bull type crossbreeds may be banned too. For more information, please see the government's guidelines, here. Please do not attempt to advertise banned breeds on this page. If you see a banned breed advertised here, please alert us immediately. Thanks!

DOG BREEDING LICENCES New legislation in October 2018 means you now need a Breeder's Licence if you breed 3 or more litters and sell at least one puppy per year. Licences are available from District Councils, and price depends on a star rating system - conscientious breeders pay less and have fewer inspections. To avoid puppy farms, ask to see the mother animal, and the breeder's licence.

EXOTIC PETS If you're thinking of buying an exotic pet, first have a look at the RSPCA's Exotic Pet Advice. Exotic pets need specialist care, and you may need a licence to own some animals. There are also some exotic animals that, although technically legal to own, cannot be kept as pets without causing harm or distress to the animal, as it is impossible to meet their needs in a domestic environment. More information can be found at the RSPCA's page on primates as pets, and their similar guidelines on raccoon dogs.

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