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It's becoming increasingly popular to sell your house privately, and avoid the commission fees. Or perhaps your house is for sale through an agency but you want to give it a boost. Either way, do try to include plenty of well-lit pictures. A floorplan, even a rough one, can also be extremely useful for prospective buyers.


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If you want to let a house rather than sell, try our Houses and Flats to Let page


  • How many bedrooms?
  • Postcode/area? (you can include a free link to a map in your ad)
  • Desirable facilities, eg garden, parking space?
  • HMO Licensed, with sitting tenants?
  • Insulation and energy rating?
  • Contact details (you can choose to mask your email address when you place your ad)

In addition, you may wish to specify a bit about the local area. Are there good schools nearby? Parks? Shops? Will Deliveroo come out to this area? What are the local transport links like?

eg. "2 bedrooms, 2 reception. Big kitchen/diner refurbished 2015. Headington, handy for London/Hospitals. 07700 123456 /"


  • gch = gas central heating
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