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Beyond Frontiers: looking ahead with TEDxOxford

For many people, significant chunks of 2020 and 2021 had a Groundhog Day feel to them: seeing the same faces and spaces over and over again. Here at Daily Info we hope 2022 has a more expansive quality - so are delighted to see that TEDxOxford returns to the city with a 'Beyond Frontiers' event on Saturday 29th January, after going online-only the previous year.

We caught up with the TEDxOxford team to find out more:

TED talks are incredibly well known online - could you tell us about what makes a live event like TEDxOxford so special?

The past couple of years have highlighted to all of us what is unique and special about live events. TEDxOxford, in particular, thrives upon the engagement between our speakers and our delegates. This style of talks being given in a dynamic, outward-looking city such as Oxford is ideal for challenging existing ideas and introducing new ones.

What was the thinking behind the creation of TEDxOxford?

TEDxOxford was formed to create a conversation between those from a diverse range of expertise and interests. Importantly, it also bridges the gap between Oxford’s student population, who are at the beginning of their careers, with those who have reached the top of their fields. To this end, each year we select two student speakers from Oxford Brookes and the University of Oxford through an open competition to speak at the conference. We are very excited about this year’s students!


How did you curate your line-up of speakers for TEDxOxford 2022?

The remainder of our speakers are carefully selected to complement the year’s theme: this year is Beyond Frontiers. Within that we aim for a range of subject areas, approaches and backgrounds. Our aim is that there should be something on offer for everyone, regardless of their background.

What impact has the pandemic had on TEDxOxford?

Last year the conference was forced online, which was a shame in many ways but the committee did a fantastic job in altering the format to compensate. We hope and expect that this will only add to the anticipation for the upcoming conference. The day itself will be held at Oxford Town Hall, which is a beautiful venue which represents our historic identity as a city and there is a dinner with the speakers at Oriel College that evening. Both events are available to anyone.

Imagine you're talking to one of our readers who has no idea what to expect from this event - what would you like them to know?

I would tell them to expect to hear something new - challenging and unusual ideas from people who are experts at what they do. Sitting all around you will be inquisitive and curious people who, like you, want to go beyond the frontiers of what they know and understand.

Book now for TEDxOxford, Saturday 29th January, Oxford Town Hall. Tickets £22 - £88

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