The Oxfordshire Pumpkin Festival 2023

2023 marks the 10th annual Oxfordshire Pumpkin Festival and the programme is packed with events and activities. Daily Info sits down with the Good Food Oxford to find out what's in store.

Daily Info: What is the Oxfordshire Pumpkin Festival?

Good Food Oxford: The Oxfordshire Pumpkin Festival is now in its tenth year, and continues to expand the same message; Eat Your Pumpkin! A variety of organisations across Oxfordshire get involved by running pumpkin-themed events, from pumpkin cooking parties, to growing demos and beyond. We want people to understand that pumpkins can be grown locally, and there are many varieties which are delicious to eat, for example in soups, stews and curries. We want to reduce the whopping number of pumpkins that are wasted each Halloween by showing ways in which to decorate, then eat your pumpkin.

DI: What are some of the highlights for this year's festival?

GFO: We have some new organisations taking part this year, from community larders such as Rose Hill Community Larder who is running a Let's Get Cooking event, to Martson Community Garden running a Pumpkin Party. One of the highlights last year was Earth Trust's Pumpkin Patch which is running all week this week and is a great half term family activity. Good Food Oxfordshire will be at Oxfordshire Reuses festival showing how easy it is to grow pumpkins at home.

DI: How does it feel to reach the 10th festival?

GFO: We so pleased that the Oxfordshire Pumpkin Festival is still going strong, after ten years! We know that there is a growing awareness of the need to reduce food waste, and people want to take action to reduce their waste. Why not start with the humble pumpkin?

DI: What's the ideal meal to make with a pumpkin?

GFO: Our favourite is pumpkin soup, but they also work well added to curries and stews. Or wash and toast the seeds with a bit of seasoning for a crunchy snack. We even have a recipe for pumpkin humous!

DI: How'd you sum the festival up in three Words?

GFO: Eat Your Pumpkin!

Oxfordshire Pumpkin Festival runs until Sunday 12th November. Check out all the goings on at the Good Food Oxford website.

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