The Bear Quiz Night

Tuesdays, 9pm, free.

June 7, 2006
This one gets pretty cramped, and while I applaud the introduction of a non-smoking section in spite of my filthy habit, I’m not sure this place can support two separate areas – the current system seems to result in 44 desperate addicts crammed into 5 and a half square feet whilst a small group of the fresh-faced and fragrant lounge comfortably just through the doorway with a chair for each limb. But this is probably what we deserve. Anyway… this is another intelligent quiz, frequented by loudly self-satisfied youngsters who are just at that age where you imagine that the rest of the pub will find your conversation more fascinating than their own, and adjust your volume accordingly. I say this indulgently; I’ve been there. Expect to mark accurate answers adorned with inaccurate depictions of genitalia.
I'm pleased to report that the quiz nights have resumed and are good entertainment, though it might help to be an expert on Greek mythology!
There was no quiz on Monday 24 July and we were told that it had been suspended until September, so check before you go!
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