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July 3, 2014

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Oxford Wine Festival Competition 2016

Win one of two pairs of tickets to a tasting session at The Oxford Wine Festival!

The Oxford Wine Festival is bringing hundreds of rare and award-winning wines to The Oxford Union for one weekend only. On the 9th and 10th September, the world's most prestigious debating chambers become host to merchants, music, tastings, tutorials, food and drink! Luckily for you, we've got two pairs of session tickets (including tasting vouchers) to give away.

All you have to do to enter is suggest the best place in Oxfordshire to enjoy a glass (or two) of your favourite wine. It could be in a well-known venue, a picturesque park, or even a cheeky Shiraz on top of the Sheldonian. Wherever you think would be an idyllic spot for a tipple, share it with us.

Competition ends Monday 22nd August so get entering!

How to choose, let me see...

I could try a flute of champagne in the Holywell Music Room
Or reserve Sunday lunch at The Old Bookbinders and order roast pork with crackling - and a crackling frizzante. But really, it's all debatable as to the best place to enjoy a glass of wine, so I would rather like it to be at the Oxford Union taste testing, and there I could make up my mind.

A glass of Vermentino sitting in the courtyard of the Hotel du Vin in Henley at the end of a hot day.

Pierre-Victoire, for good food & good wine.

Sitting in the garden and having a good old catch up with my friends and family.

I once had a delectable bottle of prosecco sitting in the shade of a small tree in a quiet part of Burgess Field (on the edge of Portmeadow). It was July, the sun was hot, the grass long and scorched, the birds too hot to sing, but the wine crisp and lively. It was perfect.

Winner - It isn't called Port Meadow for nothing, you know! A glass of port on a picnic blanket on a sunny day at the meadow can't be beat.

At Oxford University Parks during a Shakespearean play (Hamlet).

Sitting on the bank of the river themes with my spaniel Mandy. Sipping the wine, eating homemade scones, with allotment grown strawberries and clotted cream. Heaven.

Drinking rose on a sunny afternoon or watching the sunset as the boats go by at the Waterfront Cafe, Benson.

I think that we are spoilt for choice in Oxford, which is a glorious position to be in. With so many good answers already, I will say the Trout. A table close to the riverside, enjoying a fabulous crisp white while feeding the hungry carp some balls of bread (this is a must if you have never done it). But the most satisfying thing to do is people watch and take in everyone else who is experiencing Oxford for the first time. Now that is the way to enjoy wine!

One of my many favourite places in Oxford is Will's, The Vault's Cafe. Sharing a bottle of red accompanied by scrumptious local food, people watching and with the most dramatic backdrop when sat in the Garden, of The Radcliffe Camera, Brasenose, Exeter and All Soul's Colleges... Just magical and quintissentially Oxford.

Sipping wine from a box and getting drunk along Cornmarket

A couple glasses of Sauvignon blanc at South Park watching the sunset.

On the top of Whittenham Clumps as the sun sets!

Watching the kingfishers on a warm summer evening on the bank of the Hinksey stream. The best bit about it is that very few people know it exists. Ah wait...

Sitting on an embankment overlooking the lake in the gardens at Blenheim Palace at sunset!

Pinot grigio while sitting at South park.

Sitting on a punt in the sunshine, enjoying a nice cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Oxfordshire has got too much to offer to choose one spot!

The best thing about it is that wherever you are you are only a few steps away from a picturesque setting where you can relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

The calm and eclectic surroundings make the cheapest bottle taste like the most sophisticated kind!

I love wine. And I love Oxford!

Oxford Wine Cafe in Summertown.

Sitting in deck chairs on the roof terrace of the Ashmolean with a crisp bottle of sauvignion, a cheeseboard and sunshine, bliss!

Sitting on the terrace of the Maybush pub in Standlake, spectacular view of the river Thames with a large glass of Merlot.

My favourite place is the Angel and Greyhound meadow. Most of the time it seems empty and when you sit in the meadow and look forward across the expanse of the meadow and see the tiny toy-sized people buses and bikes you seem like you are in the most hidden exotic and privileged part of the world, not necessarily Oxford. The sounds are so few but a slight humdrum of traffic but the rest of nature sings to you. It is a spot that rest your mind and rocks you to restful state. Sometime when you cross the bridge to enter the meadow you may glimpse a swan or two and the many ducks and ducklings that gracefully flow with the water's flow. I have spent many an hour finding absorbing the beauty and peace of this place and giggle to myself when no-one is around that it is my secret meadow.

My favourite place to enjoy a glass of wine is on either side of the river on Osney island. Added bonus of food if you choose to sit closer to the Punter.

On the Rooftop restaurant at the Ashmolean Museum.

We love to slowly cruise the wine aisle at the new Waitrose... Get one bottle of red and one of white. Go back to the flat, let the white chill and prepare the cheese plate...then.....enjoy on the Port Meadow. Must bring carrots for my pretty ponies!

The best place is sitting by the banks in Portmeadow watching the river slip by.

At the brow of South Parks with a view of the dreaming spires on a sunny summers evening.

Favourite place would have to be At Thai, or perhaps Arzoo. Definitely a £3 bottle of Tesco South African 'Crispy' Special with a group of good mates.

My favorite place to share a bottle or 3 is at the wine bar. Friday wine times has become a ritual there as it is just by where we work.

With my best friends on a punt around Christ Church meadows

Red wine with lovely food and company at home or in the quiet garden, or if I'm feeling adventurous, wine by the Isis watching the ducks and punts go by.

On the river beach, by Black Jack's Hole, Port Meadow in a warm summers evening, with friends and sizzling steaks on a barbeque. Geese are parading by on the water and overhead the evocative cries of swans and jackdaws as they return to their night quarters.

Sitting by the river at Uni parks in the sunset, watching the punts and ducks go by.

The little pub in a hidden alleyway just after a bridge. Or the Varsity where I can sit, relax to some enjoyable lounge music and reflect on how lovely my day in Oxford has been.

Winner - The best place for me to enjoy a glass of wine would be at the Head of the River pub. On a warm day nothing beats being sat outside enjoying a cold glass of wine, watching the boats go up and down as well as being entertained by those brave enough to try punting without a guide!

At University parks!

On a punt with friends on the River Cherwell.

In our lovely garden, close to the city centre. No worries about getting home and lots of friendly neighbours to share a bottle with.

I would say Blenhiem Palace as it is absolutely stunning all the year through its perfect.

Watching the view from Southparks with the children playing contentedly in the park, with a family picnic spread out for the grown ups.

By the river at Shillingford Bridge hotel.

Blenheim Palace

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