Lucifer and Miss Primrose

Free event with spectacular outdoor fire and theatre performances in association with the Histoires 100 Fins theatre company from Grenoble, to celebrate 30 years of Oxford's twinning with the French town.
Florence Park, Wed 24 April; Gloucester Green, Thu 24th April 2019

Oxford-based Mandala Theatre Company have gained a reputation for diverse, accessible performances with their mission to change young lives, build communities and foster social justice. Their latest production sees them join forces with Histoires 100 Fins, a circus theatre company, and Créarc, the Centre of the Creation of Theatre and Culture, both from Grenoble in France.

This outdoor performance will combine theatre, dance, juggling and pyrotechnics in a spectacular display, to celebrate 30 years of Oxford being twinned with Grenoble. Prepare to be dazzled, entertained and challenged by the piece, inspired by writer Paulo Coehlo’s work, which sees a stranger arriving in a remote village with 11 bars of gold and a burning question: ‘are humans essentially good or evil?’.

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