Oxford Green Week

Festival of pop up green events across the city.
Venues across the city, Sat 8 June - Sun 16 June 2019

Oxford Green Week is a summer festival which uses culture, creativity and community to inspire local people to take action against climate change in and around Oxford. It’s a celebration of all things good and green in our city and aims to show local people how they can save money, get fit and be happy whilst being kind to the environment.

This year's theme is One Planet Living, in recognition of the One Planet Oxfordshire project. One Planet Living – created by Bioregional and developed together with WWF – is a vision of a world where people enjoy happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of the planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

Right now, if the rest of world lived as the average UK citizen does, we would need over three planets to support our way of life. Bioregional created the One Planet Living framework to help everyone understand how we can bring our footprint down to within the limits of what our one planet can sustain, without sacrificing our happiness or wellbeing. The One Planet Living framework is relevant for everyone – individuals, community groups, local businesses, international corporations and governments. Find out more about how you can get involved here.

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