Oxford Wine Festival Competition 2019

Win a pair of tickets to the Oxford Wine Festival, an oenophile's paradise where you can sample wines from over 20 countries, discover new favourites, educate your palate and get a bit merry all at the same time.

This competition is now closed, we will announce the winner shortly!

We have two pairs of tickets to The Oxford Wine Festival to give away!
The tickets allow you and a friend entry to one of the three sessions: Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, or Saturday evening, and include vouchers for your first 11 tastings.

The Oxford Wine Festival is bringing hundreds of rare and award-winning wines, from over 20 countries, to The Oxford Union for one weekend only. On Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September, the prestigious debating chambers play host to merchants, music, tastings, tutorials, food and drink!

To enter we'd like you to flex your literary skills and describe your favourite place in Oxfordshire as a wine. We want your best Jilly Goolden or Oz Clarke impression, with as much full-bodied new mown hay, fairy liquid or bonfire smoke as you like in there. Please also tell us what it is you are describing (in case we can't guess)!

The competition closes at noon on Monday 26th August .
We look forward to reading your entries!

Entries so far:

Congratulations to Saskia, our winner!

A good wine needs no bush

There I lie, slightly tilted to keep the cork moist, in a calm and monitored cellar. I was a present 77 years ago and since then layed down to come of age. Now my label might be moulded with funghi, my contents retained their full bodied oaky quality. Pour yourself a glass and admire my autumn colors, ranging from golden Chardonnay to the deepest burgundy. Smell the earthy undertones in the nose of a badger, taste the floral tones of blue bells and honeysuckle on your palate. And enjoy the lightly sparkling finish of zooming bumblebees.

(Wytham Woods)

Uni Parks at 7am:

As the dew glimmers in the gentle morning sun, this wine is only just starting to blossom, but its impressive heritage can already be sensed. Delicate flavours; crisp, sharp, pure; its complexity yet to develop. This is a good wine to keep as it promises to mature into a glorious full-bodied delight buzzing with flavours. A wine for everyone to enjoy: connoisseur and recreational user alike will praise its calming effects; a wine to recharge your batteries.

However, none of this is visible yet. Its tannins are young and sharp, and only the keenest would choose to indulge this early on.

Those who do dare though are rewarded with a wine so untouched and wholesome, that it will be worth it.

Shotover Country Park: Woody and robust. An Old (Road) Vintage. Starts quite flat, but quickly scales to great heights.

Comes in two varieties:

- A vibrant white with plenty of chlorophyll, perfect for the spring and summer.

- And a complex, marbled red for drinking during the autumn and winter.

A wine this nice will be quite deer.

Overall: a breath of fresh air that’s full of life.

Blenheim Park - the champagne of champagnes, classy, entertaining and fizzing with interest. This private estate wine with ancestral connections yields its secret pleasures to those in the know, opening up wider vistas. Its nose-tickling grassy aromas carry woody undertones, yet expand on the palate with hints of orange and rose garden. Savour its rarified flavours in refined, even royal, company.

Joyful on the palate, a floral aftertaste mindful of a summers day. Imbibe this calm oasis of a wine with its erudite undertones. A wonderous wonderland of sensory exploration. Leaving you robustfully replete. Perfectly paired with a Mad Hatter Tea.

The Isis. I'm getting full bodied athletes, a stir of oars and a mere frisson of duck. No, that's not duck, that's goose, I do beg your pardon. Moving further down the glass a punch of canal lock, oaky, a real effort to move past it. And then finally an expansive, pastural aftertaste, lingering notes of grass and nettle.

Pitt Rivers. Earthy, rich, hint of spices. Flowery with a strong undertone of polish. Gripping and absorbing. Leaving a floating other world feeling as you experience it. Gets better with age, traditional with a dash of modern. Charming and comforting, with hints of memory that are reflective, like a childhood lemon cough syrup. Soulful, colourful flavour, zesty but slightly dry in a good way. Challenging, welcoming served best with a picnic on a warm summer afternoon

The botanical gardens are like a full bodied Merlot. With the beautiful depth of colour and subtle but strong fragrance which draws you in and complements the wonderful delights that await you inside. Experience the freshness of the glorious blooms, and drink in the richness of your surroundings. More than just a taste sensation, all of your senses fuse together in a moment of pure delight.

Christchurch Meadow paths as a white wine:

Colors of golden sunrise through breaking clouds, and pale mists lingering over waterways

Aromas of early morning dew, freshly mown grass, sun-warmed stone, opening up to pretty floral notes and sprawling vistas of the dreaming spires

Flavors of lemongrass, with a hint of minerality from gravel walkways. Slight earthy richness, leather backpack, and crisp acidity from sunshine reflected on water. Balanced nuances on the palate leading to a lovely blissful finish at sunset.

Tap Social Movement - Lively, full bodied whilst being edgy and mellow

Beautiful, crisp , floral , tasty - university Parks

It used to be purple turtle but since that's gone it's whetherspoons the four candles

Florence park , calm and open wine ,hints of tea and coffee, floral aromas and oaky, perfect with picnics and tennis

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