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Shocktober Festival

Oxford's first horror festival: 6 horror films over 6 nights in 6 different venues.

Oxford's own Cinema Under the Stairs are nothing if not ambitious. To mark the arrival of Halloween, the classic movie gang will screen 6 horror films over 6 nights in 6 different venues. Their choices range from the stately black and white chills of The Haunting to the bonkers slapstick thrills of Evil Dead 2, with each film worth your time. Alongside these are Dario Argento-produced 80s gorefest Demons, iconic Japanese horror Ring, Oscar-winning, commercial smash The Exorcist and John Carpenter's apocalyptic In the Mouth of Madness (with a Q&A with Gamemaster and Evolution of Horror contributor Louise Blain). With some of the screenings already selling out, it's best to snap-up these tickets now. The most dedicated genre fan can even buy a full festival pass, for what promises to be a deliciously horrific time.

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