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Fireworks Competition

Write us a poem for your chance to win tickets to the Oxford Roundtable Fireworks display in South Park!

This competition is now closed - we will be contacting the winners shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered!

The Oxford Round Table Fireworks display will be at South Park this year on Saturday November 2nd 2019, and we've got pairs of tickets and family passes to give away!

For your chance to win, write us a poem that has the name of a firework as the title. It can be as obscure as you like - from Catherine Wheels to Bird Scarers, via bangers and peonies...

Please remember to tell us whether you'd like a pair of wristbands or a family pass (two adults 2 children)! For the family passes we're especially keen to see entries penned by kids.

This competition is now closed - we will be contacting the winners shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Entries so far:

When fireworks dance in the sky, there is always something about it that
catches your eye. They go whizzing through the night air, everybody
watches, including some that don’t care. We celebrate Guy Fawkes,
But when will we celebrate the exit of brexit? The sparklers and the blazing bonfire, you couldn’t miss those out to inspire. Toddlers are held
back far away, which is annoying because they want to get closer to the display.

On the 5th of November when it gets dark dogs go under the chairs and bark. Now, this contest isn’t about if you win it’s about taking part (preferably with a glass of gin). My poem ends now my friends, but the 5th November, as dark as it may be is as bright as an ember.


Standing in neat lines, on each hand a glove
Parents stand watchful over ones they love
A flick of a lighter, the glints start to fly
Roars of excitement (but one child does cry)
Kids write out initials in fire in the air
Laughing and dancing without even a care
Each wand burning down low, turning to dark
Remember November, and every last spark

Wakey, Wakey!

The Wessex ‘Wakey Wakey’ was the bang to beat them all,
And the one we kids all wanted to ignite.
It would fizzle, then erupt in sparks and finally pay off
With a BANG! to shred the fabric of the night.

The loudest of the banger clan,
The boom to top the pile.
A smash and grab of silence,
A row to raise a smile.

Fireworks can be lovely and create a wondrous sight,
Showering gold and silver down us below.
But nothing – I mean nothing – caps a bonfire party night,
Like a noise that shakes your frame from head to toe.

The loudest of the banger clan,
The boom to top the pile.
A smash and grab of silence,
A row to raise a smile.

I remember ‘Wakey, Wakey’ as a gift of wild excess,
For, while fireworks can be colourful, and loud,
You’ve got to have a banger that destroys your eardrums
With a noise so great it drowns the largest crowd.

The loudest of the banger clan,
The boom to top the pile.
A smash and grab of silence,
A row to raise a smile.


Come to the Firework Party!

- I’d really prefer a Smartie.

See the whirling Catherine Wheel!

- It’s not such a great deal.

Hear the Thunderflash, that’ll give you a surprise!

- I’d prefer to please my eyes.

Watch the Comet fly so high!

- I like watching stars in the sky.

So what do you want, we don’t want to row!

- I just want a Sparkler and I want it now.

Bang bang. Over Oxford town.
Bang bang. Colours all around.
Bang bang. That thrilling sound.
Bang bang. That rocket's coming down.

(With apologies to Nancy Sinatra!)

Would you like to be a firework way up in the sky?

Perhaps a sparkler or maybe a rocket to whoosh up way up in the sky. Or maybe a whizzing Catherine wheel where it never stops dazzling. Or maybe something simple that everybody enjoys!

So would I.

I wonder if fireworks remember I wonder what it’s like to be a firework to light up the sky!

Wrapped up warm with a lovely hot chocolate and a hotdog watching the beautiful fireworks all colours and take the stress away bring enjoyment to all.

TO sparkle like glitter.

To DAZZLE like a star.

To light up everywhere.

To SIZZLE in the sky.

To stand next to a bonfire with the lovely glow. How wonderful it is to light up the sky and fly as high as a plane.

With a CRACKLE and a BANG

and a Woosh and BOOM!

With a WHIZZ and a FIZZ

and a Boom boom ZOOM!

And oh, how I'd SPARKLE


as everyone below goes


OOOOH! OOH I would like to be a firework way up in the sky!! Whatever firework you choose to be.

By Sophie, Ollie and Levi

Screaming Spiders

The gold crackles, the blue spurts,
But get ready for a dazzling peony burst.
Green and red spinning in the sky,
A volley of lights stream from up high.
My neck aches as I’m entranced by the sight,
Unable to resist the colour with all my might.
The vision is of comets and stars,
How can this not be from mars?

Mesmerized as they light up the sky,
Red, green, pink, yellow, blue as they shoot on by,

There’s nothing more beautiful as far as I can see
These stunning fireworks there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!

They sparkle and glitter as they fade away
But this warm feeling from such a sight will always stay,

I hold my hot chocolate and doughnuts as I look above,
As I cuddle up and enjoy the night with my love .


Do fireworks remember?
Is your brief bright span, blinking ablaze then fading to your fate, an echo of our own
Or are you, and we, some greater whole, across dark skies of place, age, type, and time?
A roman candle illuminates Morrell’s old hill for sixty famous seconds. Is that your end
Or did your sparkling brother honeycomb my fresher face, uncounted terms ago?

Do fireworks have families?
Is that flaming bonfire your mother, and that screaming rocket your wayward niece
Perhaps the Catherine wheel your spinster aunt, the tourbillion your drunken uncle?
Or just me, predictable as parkin, projecting my ashen past onto your triumphant moment
Pretending you sense, as the wheel turns, what I knew, and loved, and lost, by her light

Do fireworks have regrets?
Is it your blessing to have one task, one role to play, one single purpose and ambition
Shine at the centre of everything one fleeting minute, then in a bang be done with it all
Or your burden - to grasp that your star will dim and wane, our attention drift and as in life
What once took our entirety, heart, eyes, ears, and mind, will be a thought, a memory, gone

Do fireworks watch people?
Do we seem slow and dull to you? Did our designer overthink, and complicate the piece?
Were we made shy and proud, our brash peacock days a passing pyrotechnic flash
Shrinking to dreams of a pastel life, unnoticed, flaring gold and silver turned to falling greys
Do we disappoint you, when we fail to blaze or soar, or would we make you jealous?

Do fireworks have feelings?

And do fireworks remember?

Screech rocket

It screams right near
But dies muffled
No clean bang
Somewhere in the brightness behind
Families looking up and ooing together
Teenagers downing doughnuts (and maybe smuggled cider)
I check the empty casing
And decide to leave it there


It shoots in the sky
And goes up very very high
I hold my ears as it screeches through the sky
I’m excited and feel warm and cosy inside
It explodes and lights up the sky
The night is crisp and I’m wrapped up hat,scarf and gloves
I could stay all night
But I think that might be too much

Fire works

Wow the magic has begun,
let's join in & have lots of fun.

Oh there goes a spiral round & round
woosh what a sound.

Sparkles in the air
shimmer & shine everywhere.

Oh look around there's a loud bang bang.
Wooosh, in the air has spread all around.
Come along the fun has begun.

Ibrahim, 12, 22-10-19

Bang and whizzys

I put my coat on and go outside.
Some are loud so I try and hide.
Others are sparkly and bright in the sky.
I stand with mummy and look up high.

My favourite of all is the whizzy one.
Twirly and curly and lots of fun.
Yellow is my favourite and I also like pink
Mummy likes the big bang ones I think.

When they finish I clap and cheer.
I already can’t wait for next year.

A feast of fireworks and never ending Willows

Bonfire Night is a feast for the eyes.
Beautiful colours light up the skies.

Bonfire Night is a feast for the ears.
Sounds so familiar after all these years.

Bang, crash, pop, snap and fizzle.
Determined to watch in the rain and drizzle.

The fire is roaring, the bonfire is alight.
Emmiting warmth and burning bright.

Hot Dogs with onions and a jacket potato
Treacle toffee too if you say so!

A glass of mulled cider and pumpkin pie.
Perhaps another slice will satisfy!

The chatter of children all around.
So much excitement on the ground.

Holding sparklers, little hands are still.
They don't last long, they never will.

Watch out for the hedgehogs, seeking cover.
Look after your pets, too much noise makes them shudder.

Be safe and follow instruction.
Fireworks can be dangerous, causing destruction.

But please remember it's a spectacular night.
So enjoy yourself aplenty in the moonlight.

It's a time to spend with those you love.
Savouring those moments in the skies above.

Magic sparklers

In the cold and dark we stand,
frozen breath and rosy noses,
and in your little hand,
the magic sparkler you have chosen
from that special cardboard packet
pulled from daddy's jacket.

A loud bang, you cover your ears
and look up to the sky.
I watch the awe, the wonder and fears
the colours flashing across your cheeks,
a little twinkle in your eye.
I kneel down, "that was a rocket"
"Wow.." you breathe, "it's bright!"
Daddy pulls a lighter from his pocket
a little flame flickers in the night.

You hold out the stick in a little trembling fist.
Now at the tip a tiny ember glowing in the mist.
It lingers for a second, with bated breath you stare...
Then suddenly hundreds of bright sparkles dancing everywhere!
A squeal of joy, you jump and trace
big circles in the air.
I watch your little smiling face
and think "now that's real magic there"


Fireworks so many are fun and loud
Together when they go bang they make the biggest sound
The colours and shapes are bright and bold
And when you see the show the memory we children will always hold

I always run to the gates of the park
Every Winter when it gets very dark
The excitement and fun and people with joy
Is the best memory of a Fireworks evening for any little boy.

Roman Candle

If you want to know something too hot to handle
Look no further than a Roman Candle.
This spectacular use of flammable fuel
Has a history that is rather cruel.
Though the evidence may be close to zero,
It's said to reflect the actions of Nero,
Who set his worst enemies alight,
In a way that no-one would call a fair fight.

With their burning bodies he lit up the night.

Catherine Wheels

Catherine Wheels and tips her Diadem,
A bunch of Peonies in her Palm,
Beneath the Willow the Horsetails sway,
A Roman Candle lights her way.

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