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Valentine's Day 2020

Win a double bed in Daily Info's Valentine's Day competition!

This competition is now closed: Congratulations to our winner, Ali J! See all the entries below...
We're delighted to announce one of our biggest ever giveaway prizes for our 2020 Valentine's Competition: a double bed* worth up to £400, courtesy of the wonderful Oak Furniture House in Didcot!

Whether you want the bed all to yourself or to share with your paramour, all you have to do for your chance to win is tell us about you/ your partner's sleep style. Are you a 'yearning log' (Real thing according to science)? A classic foetal position? Big spoon?

*Daily Info staff not included!

This competition is now closed: Congratulations to our winner, Ali J! See all the entries below...
Oak Furniture House is a family-run furniture superstore in Didcot. The have generously contributed a bed of your choice (worth up to £400) for the lucky competition winner - but they have a huge variety of furniture for every room - why not visit them to discover more?

Entries so far:


Up until a week ago I was sharing my bed with my partner. Then I found out he was cheating on me so I’m currently staying in friends’ spare room, sharing my bed with their dog, who to be fair is more affectionate than my partner ever was.

Got to start out as the big spoon, then roll over onto the left (anatomically more comfortable and space for your stomach), before being the little spoon and falling deep into sleep.

I start with the Ross technique due to my partner always wanting to innocently curl up as a little spoon. Only to find her in the morning in the crime position, arm over head and legs spread out. what does she get up to at night...

I'm a classic foetal position sleeper

My partner does 'the hotel bed', in which she rolls around until somehow she's wrapped the duvet around herself tightly, like the perfectly wrapped Mission burrito. Like a freshly made hotel bed, I heave and tug at all corners until it is free, at which point I'm fully awake and lie there, knowing it will happen all over again the next night, and that I wouldn't change it for the world.

I am a Star Fish sleeper and going through the menopause too. So I drive my fella mad as one minute I'm throwing covers over him as far to hot then next waking him has he has all the covers and I'm cold.

I'm an absolute menace and by the morning will always have rolled myself into a duvet 'Swiss roll', leaving my boyfriend with barely a scrap of cover. Oops!

Greetings slumber friends haha, I used to be the guy that would start of as a log then end up looking like a deformed gymnast after a bad landing half of the soft mat. Nowadays i have back troubles so sleeping is a myth generally especially also being homeless, luckily I have a few good friends.

However I am entering in hope of winning for my friend for a surprise.

She is an amazing young woman, she constantly battles a multitude of problems, whilst still managing to support her friends selflessly and maintain her job in the NHS The least I can do is try and win this for her, so at least she can have a decent nights sleep after her long days.

P.s it might help her snoring ;)

By day I am a regular 9-5 gal, but by night I am THE STAR FISH. Spread out as much as I can to get the best nights sleep.

I share my bed with a starfish and I am left balancing on the edge of the bed! Not fun!

We sleep best when we're together in bed by far. It's sad when either of us cannot be there.

I’m entering for my parents as a surprise!! They both snore like they’ve swallowed kazoos, but as annoying as it can be they deserve a new bed! Well, they deserve much more than that but a new bed would be a great start!!

I'm like a vampire in a coffin dead straight on my back

Curled up on my side

Side position that’s me! Husband of 6'6 takes up the rest of the bed

My boyfriend is the big spoon

I have to admit I am a "Spreader" and I eventually land up on my husband's side of the bed, who is a "Cliff Hanger" sleeper. Graham has a recurring nightmare that he is hanging off the end of a cliff by his fingernails. It's so real he wakes up in a state relieved to find it's only our mattress he is hanging off again as I have taken his side of the bed.

My husband and I have a very small bed - we can’t afford a bigger bed at the moment as strapped for money due to bills

Current bed is as squeaky as the the dogs toys

If we were cutlery we would certainly be the spoon

The bed doesn't match our duvet if only it was a silent night ( new bed appreciated)

Will chuck you a discount carpet in return

Cover for, she crab it back...

middle of the night...covers for, she tugs it back to her...

Very early morning, covers are for moi...nope...she pull them back to her...

never mind, I love, a fresh sleep for me it is tonight...;) Je l'aime!

It is like a sleep chess Game. Who's Turn will it be next?

They say the kitchen is the hub of the home...ours is our bed ! The kids pile in..The dog sleeps with us.. birthdays we gather, Christmas opening gifts, many many happy memories and fond conversations

We sleep with the boys

In our small cosy bed

A new double bed would be great

For the memories we are yet to make

I share my bed with my other half and always sleep on my left side. New bedframe from Oak Furniture House in Didcot would be great in our first house we are moving in soon.

Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire

Heading for the land of dreams

When I look back to those happy childhood days

Like yesterday it seems

We sleep back to back on our side

Tucked up under the duvet we hide

A bed from Oak Furniture House would be great

And to my son our old bed we would donate

I like to spoon

I'm a Yearner when I fall asleep and wake up a Stargazer and sleep with the Thinker, when he does sleep

In the perfect bed I get cozy and comfortable with the pillows and duvet and sleep snug as a bug in a rug zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I want to win the oakey cokey bed for a lovely sleepy snooze

I would really like to win this fabulous Daily Info offered Didcot Oak Furniture bed on Valentine's Day 2020 because we sleep on the floor for years as I have not been able to purchase a bed for my long-suffering partner. It would be a wonderful gift courtesy of Daily Info for a wonderful woman.

I sleep where ever I lay my head but will never be alone.I can start in one bed and Wake up in another.Having a decent bed would make my bed swapping much more comfortable.

Mum to 4

The whole bed is mine ;-)

I start off in foetal then end up like a starfish - much to the annoyance of my partner. Or with the entire cover wrapped around me like a sausage. . .

when i hit the sack im like baloo the bear im gone man solid gone

We snuggle up together, falling asleep as our two cats tumble around, before they fall asleep in their hook on beds attached to our bed rails. The big cat wakes us in the morning by sitting on our heads and purring like a tank.

I like to sleep on my stomach but my baby girl and hubby makes me sandwich in between;(

It's hard to get a bed at the Oak Furniture House in Didcot! In this draw; it's easy not to sleep in a bed at Oak Furniture House in Didcot! One night!

There's no sleep like a bed from Oak Furniture House in Didcot! Can't win!

Oak Furniture House in Didcot beds and mattresses! Are like honeycombs: sweet for the soul and medicinal for the body

A Oak Furniture House in Didcot! Make us sleep safely!

Im like a fluffy cloud floating in fluffyness. Then i wake up and with feet and elbows hitting me. My fluffyness has somewhat disappeared and im in the foetal position

I am like curled up koala wrapped in a toasty little nest of pillows and scrunched up duvet, he is like a penguin trying to sunbathe on a sliver of iceberg, flat on his back and always too hot.

I sleep in the foetal position in the corner of the room dreaming of one day being able to be lucky enough to own my own double bed made of Oak, surrounded by a suite of matching Oak furniture from Oak Furniture House in Didcot. One can but dream, or get down to Milton road and make it a reality

I'm like a plank of wood hanging precariously over a cliff edge

I'm a donut of cosyness!

When we go to bed, my husband curls up and taps the bed... then our birdie collie runs and jumps up beside him and he spoons the dog all night. I’m left hanging off the other side whilst those two snore their wee heads off!

I’m like an octopus having to share the bed with the husbeast and 2, sometimes 3 cats - having to watch where I put my limbs!

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