Bookbinders Open Mic Night

Sing, play, listen, drink real ale.
Bookbinders Arms, Sunday Nights

July 12, 2007
Was it perchance the Cashmere Girls with a version of “Jolene”?! You'll have to go to the next one and try and catch them there!
We saw the most amazing female duo at the Bookbinders the other night!! Looking and sounding cool! Has anyone heard of them? Are they playing again?
I need to know, I need to know now!! :)
After last weeks’ journey into surrealism, Sundays’ offerings were more conventional but no less entertaining for that. The regulars were there in the shape of Nigel, John and the still unnamed South-African songstress and we were joined by performers from other open mic nights. There were also contributions from Hadi who travelled from the east end (of Oxford).
Everyone gave good accounts of themselves and the audience were very welcoming and enthusiastic; this event is becoming a very pleasant and relaxed way of ending the weekend.
Sunday 27th May 07

This weekly event is growing in popularity and eclecticism. Sunday’s high-spot was the combination of World renowned drummer Giles and his redoubtable companion Gordon, providing a backing track to Charlotte’s internet porn poem. All the regular contributors were there and a special guest appearance from Sue meant that a slightly country flavour was added to the evening.
Well done to everyone! Incidently we’re always looking for entertaining persons to wow us with their skills, so if you’re a budding performer (or even a seasoned one) then come along any time after 8.30 on Sunday night and we’ll give you a warm welcome.
Sunday 13th May 2007

One of the joys of Oxford is the plethora of open mic venues, and I’ve had the pleasure of playing most of them. I played this one too, and in the interests of objectivity I’m here to review the night out rather than the music.

The Bookbinders' offering this evening lay somewhere between Catweazle (with its wonderful pin-dropping appreciation of the performer) and Sparky’s nights in the Half Moon (fun, and with much more through-traffic in the bar).

This evening was very cosy, set in the back room of the pub with the comfy chairs, three blokes with nothing to prove took it in turns to play a great variety of songs, among them covers of Sting (Bourbon street, Englishman in New York), Lionel Richie (Easy Like Sunday Morning), I Wanna Be Like You (yes, the one from the Jungle Book). The Beatles covers were beautifully played. There were plenty of originals too, jazz, folk, blues, funk, ballads and many more.

The informality was great, the musicians simply played a few songs, then let someone else take over. Tons of support came from the audience, people dropped in to see what was happening, and stayed, There was background chatter from the main bar which made it all the more cosy in the backroom, and the management were there too, enjoying the music.

In the words of Louis Prima: Oobee doo
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