Pictures made entirely from stamps by chance philatelist Emma Dougherty
The Vaults & Garden Organic Café, Wed January 9th 2008 - Sat February 9th 2008

February 1, 2008
The meticulous process of aligning hundreds of stamps into a perfect grid-like formation has resulted in a kaleidoscope of montages on display at the University Church café. The patience in collecting suitably toned stamps to make the transition through rainbow hues in ‘Spectrum’ produces a stunning result. Each stamp acts like a dot of paint in a pointillist oil palette. Smaller picture post-card sized collages of stamps are included. Foreign monarchs stand proudly facing outwards as less than regal quirky designs of flowers and funny faces sit along side. In larger polychromatic works the effect is more like a Gaudi mosaic of colourful ceramic tiles.

Philatelist and Artist, Emma Dougherty, has cornered a specific, original and personal genre and excels in this painstaking Art form. This miniature exhibition offers pure individuality and a sentimental moment to spot designs from old British stamps long forgotten. Each of the rectangular collections is a testament to the international importance placed on stamp design. Some of the tiniest islands have the most exotic postage stamps. A different experience is gained by viewing each montage from a distance and close up. Within each collection Dougherty has the dynamic composition of the colours all signed, sealed and delivered.
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