Swap Shops

Cashless exchange event - find good homes for your unwanted items, and perhaps pick up something you do want!
Various venues and dates including 8th March 08 countywide, and monthly in Headington.
For details of Swap Shop events see Festivals, Fairs and Markets listings.
At a Swap Shop in Wheatley on Saturday 12th January, Frances Buckel, Community Action Group (CAG) project officer spoke to a punter who had never been to a swap shop before. He said, “This is great; I am new to the area and am stocking up my flat. I’ve found a set of cutlery, pots, plates, mugs and even a kettle for my gas stove. I’m delighted.”

Swap shops were also held in Wallingford and Bullingdon (Headington) on that morning. Just over a 1000 people in total attended, taking things away which weighed in the region of 2 ½ tonnes - things which might otherwise have ended up in landfill! What can we achieve on 8th March with so many events taking place?
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