Lazytown Live!

Colourful, fast-paced children's show.
New Theatre, Fri February 29th - Sat March 1st 2008

March 1, 2008
90 minutes of high energy fun with just a 15 minute pit stop for ‘sports candy’ is a sure fire treat for the 1,600 fans filling the New Theatre, many wearing the costume of their favourite character from the TV show. Sporting fabulous pink hair, Stephanie dances on stage with bounce and high kicks bringing energy to town. The arrival of Sportacus is spectacular with amazing aerial moves as he endeavours to add a bit of zip to the sluggish lives of Pixel and Ziggy. Pixel shows some great technology in his brand new camera.

Some great take home messages are embedded like gems in the script, no matter how bad things look ‘there’s always a way!’ Unfortunately Robbie Rotten the local villain of this lazy town, who spends much effort trying to get away with doing nothing, plots against the efforts of our team-working Sportacus and Stephanie. The show kicks off with us all making like an airplane to fly off to this exciting destination but alas the show ends with the return flight. After a funky pop sing-song in this optimistic show originating from Iceland it’s time to return to Oxford. Boo! For one fabulous afternoon though, it is ‘Bing Bang (Time to Dance)’.
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