The Solid Silver 60s Show

Including original 60's performers back to relive the glory days!
New Theatre, Oxford, Wed March 25th 2009 and Wed April 18th 2012

April 18, 2012


The Solid Silver 60’s Show took a journey down memory lane, remembering a time where pop music was at its finest, producing upbeat catchy melodies. Four great musicians took to the stage thrilling the crowd with classics from the 60’s, with the four piece band Vanity Fare accompanying them. The audience were in for a treat as Chris Montez, Brian Hyland, Brian Poole and Peter Noone relived their classic hits.

Vanity Fare kicked off the show with ‘High Ho Silver Lining’ setting a lighthearted and cheerful mood for the evening. After a few songs in they introduced their first special guest, Brian Poole, and burst into the popular ‘Candy Man’. Poole oozed enthusiasm and charisma and was a complete joy to watch as he bantered with the audience, getting them up on their feet for the party hits with ‘Johnny  Be Good’ and ‘Do You Love Me,’ then switched the tempo for sentimental moments where the crowd swayed their arms in time to ‘Someone Someone’. 

As Brain Poole left the stage, another guest star, in the form of Chris Montez entered. Despite the fact that this American hit-maker couldn’t use his voice four days previously, he belted out the classics ‘Call Me,’ ‘Black Magic Woman,’ and ‘La Bamba’. Montez treated the audience with a brief history of his life, including his time touring with The Beatles, before his final number ‘Let’s Dance’ which got the whole audience on their feet again dancing and clapping along in a real party spirit.

Brian Hyland was the next star up after the interval where the tempo of the music changed from the positive poppy tunes, to more rock and roll sounds with a touch of the blues added into the mix, with the notable exception of ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’. Hyland’s wife Rosmari and son Bodi joined him on the stage, Rosmari on backing vocals and tambourine and Bodi on the drums.   

Bubblegum pop was back to centre stage as Peter Noone entertained the crowd with ‘I’m into Something Good,’ ‘No Milk Today’ and ‘What a Wonderful World’. Cheesy tunes at their best gave the audience exactly what they wanted: Noone certainly knew how to work an audience. 

As the finale drew closer, all four 60’s artists came together on the stage to join in on the anthem ‘Land of 1000 Dances’.   This was the perfect song to end the night, leaving everyone buzzing, from letting go their worries and having a good dance!

March 26, 2009
With each of the groups achieving a standing ovation after their performance it is obvious just what a loyal following The Solid Silver 60’s show has, in its 24th year. The line up can vary but is always full of original hit makers ready to recreate a golden age of song writing. The backdrop is a vibrant reminder of swinging 60’s painted with a BIBA shop and psychedelic cars driving by with flashing coloured lights. The special effects of smoke, fireworks and strobe turn the theatre into a concert arena and the singers have brilliant voices to match.

Each musical act does a set to include their well-known hits, more recently penned work and a selection of songs by other Artists of the era. Wayne Fontana opens the show with rib tickling humour, joking about topics ranging from his waterworks to the fact that now the world is bankrupt there is nowhere to run! His music offers a great place to escape to, particularly enjoyable is ‘My Girl’ and ‘Game of Love’. The Dakotas are a fine band that offer accompaniment to the solo singers during the evening. Taking us to the interval are The Merseybeats telling stories of 60’s Liverpool and playing their witty staccato style of music, singing ‘Wishin’ and Hopin’’

Opening the second half of the show is the American, John Walker who treats the audience to some of the many Walker Brothers hit such as ‘Make it Easy On Yourself’ and ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore)’. His wife offers crystal clear backing vocals looking stunning in a deep lilac fitted gown with chiffon trim and silver diamante sandals. Making this a truly memorable night and being the icing on the cake is the appearance of the legendary group The Searchers who leave their classic ‘Needles and Pins’ until the end. Or so the audience thought, for back by popular demand The Searchers return for an encore of the British National Anthem and has everyone on their feet to sing and dance to ‘Rocking All Over the World’. I like it!
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