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Spark Oxford

Like an open mic but for true stories.
The Living Room, last Monday of every month

Almost murdered by a paedophile; followed home by a pervert; escaping from a submerged car; skiing down a Swiss mountain on a bedstead; having an airliner crash-land behind you on the motorway; a mother's life - saved when her baby is delivered at an isolated Highland cottage by a Harley Street specialist who just happens to be passing; a paralysed dog walks after being stroked by a healer. All fantasic - almost unbelievable stories. But all true!

'You couldn't make it up' we say, don't we? The lives of ordinary folk have such rich stores of almost unbelievable experiences to relate and share. In the world of I-Pods , I-pads, Smart Phones and Kindles it is hugely gratifying to rediscover an art form that pre-dates writing. That oral tradition is, of course, the gift of telling stories. There are several nationally-linked groups now that are expanding , enriching and reviving this tradition. Oxford has its own.

The last four meetings have had the themes: "Eccentricity"; "Telling Lies"; "A Heart-Stopping Moment" and last evening's "Miracles". Anyone can take part or just share. There is no charge for the event. Miracles included strange events in the lives of Bill Heine, Sheila Johnson, Christopher Gowers, Roberta Catizone, Alastair Buchanon, David Shufflebotham, Barbara Hudson and the group's convenor - Sara Banerji.

On the last Monday of each month, at eight o'clock we are invited to share these tales at The Living Room - Next to Oxford Castle. It is all very informal. Sara Banerji, novelist, artist, sculptor, Creative Writing Teacher and accomplished teller of stories, hosts the evening. Do come along next month. You don't have to participate, but you'll be more than welcome. For next month's topic, check Sara's website -

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