Southern Blues Fiasco

An evening of blues and booze including debut gig for local gasoline-soaked bourbon-drinkin' southern blues peddlars.

What a privilege it was to see people who are outstanding musicians and utter enthusiasts for the music. ’Hard-Blues-rock-jazz‘ would kind of inadequately cover the genres involved this evening, The Allman Brothers being the dominant influence.

Duets between Mark and Simon on the guitars were smart, skillful and heartfelt. Even on the complex rhythms of In Memory of Elizabeth Reed they looked comfortable where lesser mortals would have been peering at the How To Play Jazz-Rock book. It looks like the Stowminator has found his natural habitat :)

Leo‘s stage presence fits right into the music, with a fully committed voice, accurate and powerful especially on Whipping Post and Black Magic Woman (’…the Peter Green version‘). His respect kept him to the side of the stage while the guitarists did their thing, but his enthusiasm for the music couldn‘t stop him from boogieing around at all times.

The drummer / bass combo looked like they were having fun and keeping the rest of the band grounded, powerfully driving the foundations and structure for the guitars and vocals with poise and skill as equal partners in a five piece firm.

For a first gig it was of course ragged in places, but the songs were delivered with such power, fun and respect. The age of twin-lead guitars is entirely vindicated by this example of devotion to the music, respect for band members and audience and a complete lack of self-indulgence.

This wasn‘t a retro gig, or a tribute night, it was a statement of intent: they‘ve got huge potential. I, and probably everyone else in the room, can proudly say, ’I was there‘.

Tom Dixon - bass

Simon Keats - guitar

Dan Kendall - drums

Leo McAllister - vocals

Mark Stow - guitar

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