Mark Thomas: 100 Acts of Minor Dissent

Mark sets himself the task of committing 100 Acts of Minor Dissent in the space of a year.
Pegasus Theatre, Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RE, Fri 22 November 2013

September 13, 2013

Mark Thomas is on a mission to commit 100 acts of “minor dissent” - basically, left wing mischief - over the course of a year. If he fails, he has to donate £1000 to UKIP. The show is a detailing of where he is at the moment - an interim report of naughtiness.

Thomas is a master showman, and his stage skills are in evidence throughout. The energy of the show stays up throughout, and he handles friendly audience chat beautifully. It’s a treat to see someone obviously so at home and happy on the stage.

The material is also fantastic. Thomas and his friends’ escapades are a pleasing blend of Beano-style pranks with a serious political core to them. Thomas acknowledges the ridiculousness of his actions, without ever undermining his beliefs.

The descriptions of the people involved really make the show come alive. The affection with which Thomas describes the people he encounters is seriously charming and engaging, whether it’s his daughter and her struggle to overcome his oppression and get a dog, or an estate agent in charge of an open day he mobbed with a fake welcome party, who tried to call the police on them (“they’re singing, and one of them has a sign that says “I love crack”, and they’re offering my clients biscuits.”).

To me, this is flawless stand up. Incredibly funny, mainly feel-good, and with a real point to make, this show is hilarious and heartwarming.

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