Folk Weekend: Oxford 2015

Below are a list of events happening over the three days of the festival:

February 23, 2015

Last year, Hinny spoke to festival organiser, Cat Kelly, for our Oxcast Extra Channel.

Cat said that the festival really does have "something for everybody. Whether you like ceilidhs, whether you like just jumping up and down, whether you want to sit and watch a concert, or go to a family event, or go do some craft, or there's a village fete in Gloucester Green, loads of Morris dancing to watch, there's just absolutely tons of stuff."

She recommends starting with the free stuff going on around town if you haven't done many folk-ey things before. You can buy tickets for individual events so you don't have to buy a ticket for the whole weekend.

The festival is a celebration and a showcase for folk music that goes on in Oxford and Oxfordshire all year round. Oxford has amazing local musicians so why not show them off.

For Hinny, an appeal of folk music is that you can partake in it. The festival offers lots of workshops and sessions that you can get involved in. And it's a lovely mix to be able to see someone on stage and then learn from them. Straight from the horse's mouth as it were!

You can listen to the full interview here.

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