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Drops: 41. Jericho and the Woodstock Road

  1. Taylorian Library, St Giles
  2. Blackfriars, St Giles
  3. Greens Café, St Giles
  4. Eagle and Child, St Giles
  5. Friends Meeting House, St Giles
  6. St Benet's Hall, St Giles
  7. Opéra Café, Walton Street
  8. Oxford University Press (OUP), Walton Street
  9. Freuds Café, Walton Street
  10. North Oxford Property Services, Walton Street
  11. Jude the Obscure (pub), Walton Street
  12. Jericho Tavern (pub), Walton Street
  13. Phoenix Cinema, Walton Street
  14. Mind Shop (Jericho), Walton St
  15. Standard Tandoori Restaurant, Walton Street
  16. Jericho Cafe, Walton Street
  17. Harcourt Arms, Cranham Terrace
  18. Rickety Press, Cranham Street
  19. Old Bookbinders, Canal Street
  20. Jericho Community Centre, Canal Street
  21. Walton Street Cycles, Walton Street
  22. Peppers Burgers, Walton Street
  23. The Victoria, Walton Street
  24. Wyndham House, Plantation Road
  25. The Gardener's Arms, Plantation Road
  26. English @ Oxford, Polstead Road
  27. Grove House, Woodstock Road
  28. Centre for Time Use Research, Woodstock Road
  29. University of Oxford China Centre, Canterbury Road
  30. Mission Studies, SS Philip & James, Woodstock Road (by the church opposite Leckford Rd)
  31. The Gardener's Arms, North Parade
  32. Viny's Café, North Parade Avenue
  33. The Rose and Crown, North Parade
  34. St Antony's College, Woodstock Road
  35. Court Candy Shop, Woodstock Road
  36. St Anne's College, Woodstock Road
  37. Green Templeton College, Woodstock Road
  38. Mathematical Institute, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road
  39. Humanities Divisional Office, Woodstock Road
  40. Somerville College, Woodstock Road
  41. The Gatehouse (St Giles Church Hall), Woodstock Road

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