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Drops: 34. Central Oxford

  1. Brasenose College, Radcliffe Square
  2. Lincoln College, Turl Street
  3. Exeter College, Turl Street
  4. Jesus College, Turl Street
  5. Oxford Hub & Turl St Kitchen, Turl St
  6. Hertford College, Catte Street
  7. Bodleian Library, Off Radcliffe Square
  8. King's Arms, Parks Road
  9. Wadham College, Parks Road
  10. Sarah Lawrence Programme, Parks Road
  11. Trinity College, Broad Street
  12. Balliol College, Broad Street
  13. Tourist Information Centre, Broad Street
  14. The George Street Dental Practice, George Street
  15. Washington International Studies Centre (WISC), George Street
  16. Four Candles, George Street
  17. New Theatre Stage Door, Red Lion Square
  18. Burton Taylor Theatre, Gloucester Street
  19. Oxford Playhouse Stage Door, Gloucester Street
  20. Eckersley School of English, Friar's Entry
  21. British Study Centre, Magdalen St
  22. Archaeology Institute, Beaumont Street
  23. 19 Beaumont St Surgery, Beaumont Street
  24. Worcester College, Walton Street
  25. Natural Bread Company, Little Clarendon Street
  26. G&D (George & Davis) Ice Cream, Little Clarendon Street
  27. Focus Project, University of Oxford, Wellington Square
  28. Social Policy, Wellington Square
  29. Modern Languages Faculty Office, Wellington Square
  30. Rewley House College (Cont. Ed.), Wellington Square
  31. Taylorian Slavonic / Greek Library, Wellington Square
  32. Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane
  33. Regent's Park College, Pusey Street
  34. St Cross College, St Giles

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