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Drops: 41. Summertown and the Woodstock and Banbury Roads

  1. Oxford Internet Institute, St Giles
  2. St John's College, St Giles
  3. Department of Statistics, St Giles
  4. Particle and Astro Physics Laboratory, Denys Wilkinson Building, Keble Road
  5. Oxford e-Research Centre, Keble Road
  6. Computing Laboratory, corner Parks & Keble Rds
  7. Engineering Dept., Banbury Road
  8. Hume-Rothery Building (Materials), Parks Road
  9. Department of Education, Norham Gardens
  10. Ecumenical Community, Norham Gardens
  11. Social Anthropology, Banbury Road
  12. St Margarets Hotel, St Margarets Road
  13. St Hugh's College, St Margaret's Road
  14. Voltaire Foundation, Banbury Road
  15. d'Overbroeck's, Banbury Road
  16. North Oxford Overseas Centre, Banbury Road
  17. St Clare's (Academic Resources Centre), Banbury Road
  18. Williams College, Banbury Road
  19. L B's Lebanese Deli, Banbury Rd
  20. Hong Kong House, South Parade
  21. Summertown Library, South Parade
  22. Dew Drop Inn, Banbury Road
  23. Ewert House, Ewert Place
  24. NOA Community Centre, Diamond Place
  25. Kaplan Aspect College, Banbury Road (East)
  26. UGA at Oxford Program, Banbury Road (East)
  27. Parklands Hotel, Banbury Road (East)
  28. Linton Lodge Hotel, Linton Road
  29. Wolfson College, Linton Road
  30. Regent Oxford, Banbury Road (East)
  31. St Clare's (Oxford Academy), Bardwell Road
  32. The Dragon School, Bardwell Road
  33. Wychwood School, Banbury Road (East)
  34. Cotswolds Lodge Hotel, Banbury Road
  35. Maison Francaise, Norham Road
  36. Oxford English Centre, Banbury Road (East)
  37. Kellogg College, Banbury Road (East)
  38. Pauling Human Sciences Centre, Banbury Road (East)
  39. Compass (main building), Banbury Road (East)
  40. Wycliffe Hall, Banbury Road (East)
  41. Computing Service, Banbury Road

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