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Drops: 31.

  1. St. Hilda's, Cowley Place
  2. Magdalen College School, Cowley Place
  3. Half Moon Pub, St Clements
  4. Finders Keepers, St Clements
  5. Angel and Greyhound, St Clements
  6. Old Black Horse Hotel, St Clements
  7. Bellerbys College Residence, Pensons Gardens, St Clements
  8. St Clements Hair, St Clements
  9. Rachel's Cafe (formerly Le Petit Pain), St Clements
  10. Coach and Horses, St Clement's St
  11. Port Mahon, St Clements
  12. H.I.M,, St Clements
  13. The Coconut Tree, St Clement's Street
  14. Standingford House, Cave Street
  15. Oxford International College, London Place
  16. Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Marston Road
  17. EF International Language School, Pullens Lane
  18. Rye St Antony, Pullens Ln, Oxford
  19. EF Academy, Pullens Lane
  20. Pickwick's Guest House, London Road
  21. Sandfield Guest House, London Road
  22. Red Mullions, London Rd
  23. The Dial House, London Road
  24. Mount Pleasant Guest House, London Rd
  25. Headington Library, North Place
  26. Mojo's Café, London Road
  27. Shanghai House, London Road
  28. Cafe Bonjour, London Road
  29. Yummys, London Road
  30. Wellbeing Clinic, Windmill Road
  31. Queen's Bakery, Windmill Road

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