Halloween Late for Grown-ups at the Story Museum

The Story Museum have something special planned this October. Halloween Late a special evening for adults, full of talks, performances and other spooky delights. is one of the venues most ambitious undertakings to date. Daily Info sat down with the event's Senior Production, Ameneh Enayat, to discuss what the museum have in store on the 31st as well as in the coming months.

Daily Info: What's does the Story Museum have planned for Halloween this year?

Ameneh Enayat: Don your favourite Halloween outfit, grab a glass of poltergeist punch and join us at The Story Museum for a Halloween unlike any other! This is the first in a new series of adult late nights at the museum, and a perfect chance to explore our amazing museum after dark, taking in immersive galleries such as The Enchanted Library and Whispering Wood and much more. Throughout the night, the museum will be lit up with ghoulish stories from across time including film screenings, storytelling, talks and more.

DI: What are some of the highlights of Halloween Lates? If there’s one thing people should check out what is it?

AE: Don’t make me choose – there are so many highlights! Take a seat amongst the trees of The Whispering Woods, where award-winning theatre company, Creation, will enchant you with darker side of The Brothers Grimm. Enter the Magic Common Room, where guest speakers Professor María del Pilar Blanco and Holly Brewer will lead you on a mind-boggling journey through the haunted landscapes of literature and the weirdly wonderful world of mystical and magical objects. Settle down with a drink in the beautiful Woodshed Theatre and lose yourself in a terrifying selection of silent horror movies, brought to life by a live improvised soundtrack for strings and electronics from violinist Mike Simmonds (Nick Cave, Bonobo, Quantic) and viola/ electronics wizard Jules Arthur (Moulettes/Dizraeli).

DI: How do you feel our views have changed when it comes to magic and witchcraft?

AE: Attitudes have dramatically changed in Europe and the West. In the past women – and by extension witchcraft – were the scapegoat for anything that went wrong in a community, with horrific consequences. Today, wicca and witchcraft are everywhere in pop culture, from teenage witches on Tik Tok to a Marvel superhero called Wiccan – magic has become part of our cultural landscape which is interesting.

DI: Can you sum the evening up in three words?

AE: Entertaining, Unique, Fun

DI: What’s your favourite spooky story?

AE: There are so many! The Woman in Black by Susan Hill is always a good one.

DI: What else has the Story Museum got coming up for adults?

AE: We’ve got a cracking season of events for grown ups this autumn.

There’s the chance for aspiring writers to work with award winning authors Sita Brahmachari and Patience Agbabi in a series of writing masterclasses for adults, programmed as part of the Everything Is Connected Season as part of The Cultural Programme with the University of Oxford. Literary giant Sir Ben Okri will read a new work commissioned especially, inspired by the idea of sharing stories that will help us live more sustainably in the world. Finally, there’s even more thrills and spills for grown-ups with the regular appearance of The Crick-Crack Club, the UK’s busiest and boldest performance storytellers. Mr Sandman – Bringer of Dreams and Nightmares is dark, unsettling, and intensely magical performed by Crick-Crack founder and story-teller Ben Haggarty. And finally, our monthly Write Night which invites writers of any experience to come and write in a friendly and informal atmosphere with award winning Poet Isy Mead.

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Halloween Late is at the Story Museum on Tuesday 31st October. Tickets can be booked here.

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