2016 Fireworks Competition

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Write us a poem on the theme of 'Remember, remember' for a chance to win tickets to the Round Table Fireworks on 5th November 2016!

Fireworks Competition 2016

We've got 3 pairs of tickets and 2 family passes to share with you!

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Competition closes on Wednesday 2nd November and winners will be contacted and announced soon after.

Photos: James Lyon www.lyonphotography.co.uk from South Park 2009

Entries so far:

November 2, 2016

Pyrotechnic Voices

The whistling ember

The crackle and sparks

A kaleidoscope of lights

dispel the dark

Loudest of booming

Exploding full palette

of colours imagined

the joy and the passion

True memories ignite

Bonfires of old

Standing for hours

unperturbed by the cold

Excitement from head to the soles of our feet

It draws us together

this warmth in our hearts and felt on our cheek

Yearning to capture and hold on forever

Until the last firework ceases to speak

Remember September? The fair in St Giles

When the fumes from the diesel were stinging your eyes?

October's main theme: students' en masse returning

To these dreaming spires, devoted to learning.

Then Hallowe'en's racket: ghouls, ghosts, trick or treats,

Pumpkin carving and fun in the streets.

Then it's all systems 'go' for the drive in December

As we leap towards Christmas – but, remember: November!

Standard or Brocks were the fireworks to choose from;

The latter were cheap and the former the cool ones.

Bonfires were built from the wood that we found

On Wytham Woods walks, strewn by gales on the ground.

Rockets were set up to fire from milk bottles,

Catherine Wheels buzzed like a million bluebottles.

Traffic Lights shone and changed hue with aplomb,

Pain's Bangers WERE bangers – went off like a bomb!

The names of my favourites stir memories now,

Of bonfires and toffee and cocoa and – wow!

Jackpot and Red Light, and Banshees for noise,

Devil Amongst the Tailors – the rocket for boys!

Screechers, Repeaters a bright Roman Candle,

Sparklers (of course!) – a hot one to handle.

Airbombs, Volcanoes; Niagara to end

With a shower of colours to enjoy with your friends.

Some say nostalgia is not what it was,

But I disagree – it is still strong, because

We all want to hark back to days that we view

Through spectacles tinted a rosier hue.

To the days when our pocket money paid for our sparks,

And fireworks weren't only confined to South Parks.

When the damp, foggy gloom of the month of November

Brightened and sparkled: remember? Remember!

Remember, remember 5th November

City is covered with flashing colours

People are drunk with big light flowers

Remember, remember when Fireworks are coming

There are smells of perfume

People wallow in romantic feelings

Remember, remember when we see Fireworks

The heart beats as Bang Bang

The body's filled with smoke

Remember, remember Fireworks leave here

The feeling is stolen by Fireworks

We dream in the Magical Night forever

Remember remember

The night your daughter graduated

She was eighteen

She was hopeful

Remember remember her happiness

She looked like a princess in her greeny floating glow

She was so happy

She was dancing alot

And your heart was dancing too

Remember remember the fireworks

They were blowing all around

It was a colourful night

They resembled a bouquet of flowers

I wanted to see clovers

For a good luck to my daughter

Remember remember the sound of the fireworks

It was not a noise

It was music that surrounded us

I felt the rhythm of melody

I saw the colours of the lights:

Yellow for kindness

Red for passion

Green for peace and

Blue for freedom

All I wish for my daughter

Remember, remember.

I saw so many colours and smelt so many foods.

I saw many flowers in the sky.

I looked up again in the sky.

Suddenly, it changed my emotional fireworks in my head.

Smells of smoke and foods mixed.

I couldn't stop fireworks in my head.

Remember, remember the exciting day.

Remember, remember the beautiful lights.

You can hear the happy melody,

you can hear happy voices.

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

Remember, remember the exciting day.

Remember, remember the fifth of November,

You see the bud rise in the sky,

And many flowers blooming with the sound "Bang".

At the moment, you see a lot colours bright flowers,

Everyone's face looks up, to see those,

And you feel the people's emotion with beautiful smiles.

You see the future of happiness.

Remember, remember to put on clothes more,

She said to me today,

Remember, remember! Don't want your throat sore!

Did I listen to her? Nay!

I left to see the fire in South Park,

It was a lovely cold night,

No scarf, no hat! I froze in the dark!

Humph, mums are always right!

Remember remember
over the years,
the 5th November
creating happy memories.

Mother carefully lighting a sparkler
handing it to tiny eager hands,
being hugged warm by father as it gets darker,
watching the patterns of green, red, gold bands.

Knocking on neighbours doors in the dark,
penny for the Guy,
then after heading with friends to the park
and making the biggest bonfire.

Dinner party on Fireworks night,
couples bring treats and wine,
stand on the balcony take in the sights
of the rockets flying up high

Sausages and marshmallows selling at stalls,
the children are so excited
their first firework display they are having a ball,
as the fountains and catherine wheels are alighted

The local pub, cosy and warm,
watching from the windows as the bright colours rise and fade
grandchildren toddling outside on the lawn
Three generations here for this one special day

Remember remember
that times will change,
but the 5th of November
a day of joy shall remain

Remember, remember that night in November

All those years ago

I wrote a poem and won, the competition

The fireworks stole the show

I looked into your eyes as you looked back at mine

The fireworks crackled and fizzed

All in a muddle, I stepped in a puddle

The Catherine wheel flashed and whizzed

My heart burst with love like the rockets above

At the sight and sound of your name

We're still together since that night in November

So remember I'm glad that you came, remember

Remember remember back in September

The evenings were long, warm and light.

Now it's dark and it's cold, and we all feel so old

And it's barely been noon before it's night.

Although it is black and the clocks must go back

November is hardly a chore:

Can you guess what I love? It's that gunpowder stuff!

And the lights and the sulphurous roar.

Yes, it's bonfire night setting my heart alight

And my ears are filled with the cheer:

It's the crowd, in the dark, filling South Park.

It's the highest high point in my year.

Remeeber Remeeber

The little amoeba,

In his silica coat in the cold.

Alone he was maudlin

Sent his pseudopod forward, and

Now he's a social slime mould!

Remember, remember,

This 5th of November,

When many things go up in smoke,

An innocent time,

Barely six months ago,

When all this might have seemed like a joke?

Can you yet remember,

This 5th of November,

When life still appeared to progress?

When hatreds unbidden,

Still had to lie hidden,

Their owners ashamed to confess?

Dismember, dismember,

This 5th of November,

Whatever's not Brexit and Trump.

While the kind and the gentle

Go quietly mental,

Thinking "How do we exit this dump?"

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