Giveaway competition - win £40 worth of baking boxes courtesy of Britain Loves Baking!

Win everything you need to make some delicious baked treats in our giveaway competition!
This competition is now closed - congratulations to our winners! You can see the winning entries below!

With a third national lockdown in place and the temperature plummeting, it seems like we are well and truly enduring a rather bleak midwinter. But one way to help stave off the January blues is to fill your home with delicious baking smells! We're delighted to team up with Britain Loves Baking to give you the chance to enjoy macaroons, cupcakes and bread - made with your own hands.

We're giving away three baking bundles - each is worth £40 and contains a cupcake or macaroon baking box, plus a mindful baking box, specially designed with precise recipes to help you focus and be present. For your chance to win, simply tell us your best advice for beating the January blues, by Monday 25th January 2021. It can be as funny, creative or profound as you like! Pop your answer in the entry form below, or email it to [email protected]. We'll pick 3 winners from our favourite entries.

Britain Loves Baking was launched in May 2020 by baker Greg Wixted, as a way of making the joy of baking at home more available during lockdown. Ever found a tantalising recipe, then got to the shop and realised they have everything apart from the key ingredient? Britain Loves Baking's clever kits are designed to take the hassle out, as they contain all the ambient and dry ingredients you need.

With clear, easy-to-follow instructions and ingredients already weighed out, they're a great option for getting the kids involved too - junior members of the Daily Info family recently enjoyed helping to create a delicious batch of fudgey brownies!

This competition is now closed - congratulations to our winners! You can see the winning entries below!

Entries so far:


Take a cake

To a friend

Who needs to mend

She’s a nurse, a teacher, a wife , a friend a mother

Who always has time for another.


And Talk

Allow yourself some space

Appreciate time out of the rat race

Gently breath in the fresh air

Show yourself some care


And take

What you need

To others do a good deed

Biscuits, cakes, slices and pies

Then you’ll see how time flies

To yourself and others

Always be kind

It’s about your body and your mind

Keep active but take time to just be

We’re in this together you and me

Wear a tiara. On those days when you can't face getting dressed or leaving the house, and you find yourself sitting in your dressing gown eating biscuits in front of the telly, you'll feel so much better if you do it while wearing a tiara. You can get a plastic one from a toy shop, a nice one from a wedding shop, or make one out of tin foil.

And sing. Badly or well, but preferably loudly. Singing makes everyone feel better.

I have been putting seed out and watching the birds in the back garden. When possible, going for a walk in nature.

Also, if all else fails, watch Bob Ross do some painting - so calming.

My tip for beating the January blues is to try and do something nice for someone else. It does wonders for your well-being to see someone else smile.

With that in mind, if I win I'd like you to donate my prize to the nursing staff at the JR. They're all stars and deserve a boost at this most difficult time.

I beat the January blues by baking with my grandchildren. I love to pass down what my own mother taught me. It is so much fun seeing their proud faces with their finished product. Their smiles really lift my spirits.

For me it's walking in nature as well as yoga. Also a phone/Zoom call with a friend is also a great way to lift my mood.

Zoom Bake Off's with family is a good recipe

The days they are lengthening,

That certainly is strengthening

Giving positivity and hope

Here are just some

Of the numerous ways

That help all of my family cope

We watch what we eat

Keep moving our feet

Declutter our clothes and our dwelling

We donate to charity, give stuff away

And even make money by selling

A new lick of paint

Lifts in more ways than one

And joint enterprise makes it more fun

There’s art and there’s craft

Yes, an endless array

It never is costly to fill up our day.

I have been baking and and tweaking my late mum's recipes. Also sharing these with my niece, which is an added bonus as I have got to know her a whole load more through our skype calls and baking together even though we are 200 miles apart.

As I do everyday - Wrap up warm and get outside for a brisk walk in the fresh morning air. When you get home have a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and a piece of homemade cake. Makes you do the walk what ever the weather and when you get back home in the warm and treat yourself, it's complete bliss.

There's nothing better than a family zoom call! The best people to put a smile to your face during a rough time.

Get outside, indulge in wrapping up to brace the weather, snuggle up when it's dark, wrap up with a blanket and your favourite read or TV. Drop off to sleep to rythm of the rain. Wake up and greet each day contentedly

I've found a weekly order of my favourite wines help to beat the January blues, especially while im baking.

My Tips for beating January blues ( lockdown) is to do what you really love doing! Dancing, singing, yoga, running, panting, watch movies that make you laugh and call your loved one for a chat!!

Fresh air and exercise - a step challenge with your friends and a prize for who wins!! Boosts mood and interesting to be competitive!

To beat the January blues, I have been cooking different dishes and baking and enjoying homemade cakes. Increased PE with my children during lockdown and tried to give more to charity this month as it seems there are so many more needy people in the local an international communities. Sharing is caring - as quoted by my beautiful six year old daughter!!! This has been rewarding and brought immense inner peace and happiness to me.

Get outside in the daylight as regularly as you can, smile and say hello to anyone you pass while you're walking and pretty soon someone will smile and say hello back to you.

It's a small thing but it does make you feel good and when you do it every day then you're adding moments when you feel good to your personal store and they really start to add up.

A few weeks of one or two nice moments every day and you do feel better and much more able to cope.

My other tips are just like everyone else on here really, stop doomscrolling/watching tv, be kind to yourself and those you live with and keep up with friends, family and neighbours.

I best the January blues by taking long walks on the dry days and hot baths on the rainy ones! :-)

I have been trying to think of something positive each day and each night I go to bed and think of jobs and useful things I can do the following day.

I always try to go out for a walk as fresh air and nature always raise your spirits. We have also incorporated a litter pick too, finding so much rubbish it was heartbreaking but also a sadly dead tortoise!

And I look in the kitchen and see what needs using up and then bake something to make sure there is no waste. I made some delicious lemon custard shortbreads the other day and I have sent some to my daughter so she can enjoy them too.

I also check in with all my children just to see they are ok and friends too.

There is also nothing like giving my goats a cuddle too... :) and currently I am revisiting my 45rpm collection and singing along with them bringing back such happy memories.

Do as many things with your family as you can !

Baking with the kids

Music! - I listen to lots and keeping dancing :)

I beat the January blues by baking cupcakes for my daughter and myself. l have made our favourite chocolate cupcakes and chocolate cakes even more now during lockdown.... l will start panicking when l open the cupboard and there's no cake ingredients there.. but until then we will live on CAKE... CAKE... CUPCAKES.... thanks for the chance to win some cupcakes!...(As long as you fill up my winning box with chocolate ones, then l will be very HAPPY indeed!) good luck everyone.. x

To beat the Jan blues i suggest always have something to look forward to, no matter how big or small it is

Every day do:

One thing that makes you smile

One thing that makes you sweat

One thing for someone else

One thing that is creative

…….and if all that fails, take a moment to remember we’ll be hearing a whole lot less about Donald Trump from now on, which should raise everyone’s spirits considerably!

Set one goal everyday and stay active. That way you can focus, avoid overwhelm and feel accomplished whilst moving more and improving your health

Nothing can beat the homely reassuring smell of bread baking in the oven, or the therapeutic feel of dough being kneaded under your hand? Who can resist a freshly baked hot cake, turned out on to the cooling rack? Not me.

Green space is important too: enjoy the reduction in fumes and appreciate the resurgence of nature in these stressful, troubled times. We all need to find hope, peace and time out as nurses and healthcare staff to buck the January blues!

Vitamin D!!!

Getting out once a day, being kind to ourselves and others around us.

Smile, it's infectious. :)

My tip for beating the January Blues is to get very very drunk and laugh alot.

Get outside in the fresh air for a run or walk. Take in the lovely surroundings and appreciate the small things. That bird, beautiful tree, funny shaped cloud, cute dog on its walk. This will definitely help to banish those January blues!

Get outside, even if it's freezing. We are loving feeding the wildlife too, currently coaxing a Robin into the garden (never seen a Robin in the 6 years we've been here so very exciting!!). We've been making fat balls and treats just so we can see the little robin sat on the fence in the morning.

My tips for beating the January blues are: keep as busy as possible, going out for exercise obviously in line with the new covid restrictions, trying out new recipes or finding a brilliant new series to binge watch on Netflix!

Should I win this giveaway I will share the prize with my friend's daughter who is stuck at home and unable to attend school due to the new coivd 19 restrictions.

My best advice for beating the January blues is by keeping in touch with your friends and loved ones. You are not alone and you have someone to talk to.

Keeping a gratitude diary and writing down daily of something you are thankful for.

Listening to my favourite feel good music really loudly.

Getting lost in a great book, boxset or film.

Looking through old photos and feeling nostalgic

My son loves to cook, he cannot do it this year (gcse year) due to covid. He would love the sets to cook and bake.

My suggestion it to turn off the news and disconnection from social media as it just lowers your vibrations and drags you down. It’s just depression, miserable and offers no hope for the future. Turn it off and do something you love instead and focus on your hobbies and mental health.

Baking is definitely one of the top ways of beating the January blues; filling the home with the smell of fresh bread or cakes brings on that instant cosy feeling.

Once you've successfully filled your home with delightfully warm, doughy scents get under a blanket, turn off the news and start learning to crochet. This can easily be achieved by watching some tutorial videos online and works best in front of a crackling fire; which I don't have but I find the 'fireplace' videos on video streaming sites work just as well!

If you're not feeling particularly crafty or you don't fancy playing in the kitchen - there isn't any pressure to do anything but be conscious of what helps you relax at home. Now is the time to look after yourself and allow yourself to do as much or as little as you feel.

Don't rush or stress too much... We're all in this together.

Lets breath take it slow & make special memories with loved ones being locked up/down...

New way of passing time for me is colouring, enjoying an hour or so to refresh.

try to dance every day! while boiling the kettle is a favourite.

Getting out in the fresh air whether it’s walking,cycling or running. It’s great for body and mind to keep them both healthy and active and has been a lifesaver in lockdown.

I’d like to donate half the prize to my wonderful friend who is working on the front line as a nurse in Intensive care. She is doing an incredible job in extremely challenging times. Both her and her husband are key workers and they are trying to home educate their kids too. The other half to my friend who is a GP so also working hard to get the vaccine rolled out.

Bake some cupcakes. The smell is divine and makes the house all cosy. Then decorating them is so absorbing and really takes your mind off things.

Keep positive and keep manifesting our better 2021. The law of attraction is great. Try and get as much fresh air as possible even if its just a short walk. Exercise helps the mind and will help burn of the well earnt calories if I win this lovely bundle.

Make marmalade. It’s seasonal, easy, and glows a gorgeous golden orange in the jar.

Smells good when cooking, too. And cheers up breakfast toast.

To beat January blues I was usually going on a holiday to Spain but this year is different than others, which means that to make myself feel happy I have picked up few hobbies, such as birdwatching, exercising and reading. I have always loved reading but now I have more time on my hands to truly enjoy it and to finish those chapters I've started many moons ago.

Get your apron on, start baking and enjoy making some mouthwatering treats you always wanted because now is the time to start! It will be a fun new experience for you and it is sure to bring excitement to your day instead of doing nothing and just being stuck at home.

In January I like to bake something good in my kitchen to refresh my mood and I know some healthy vegetarian recipes which will add flavour to it. So I would like to recommend the same for everyone!

Take up creative cookery; you will keep yourself occupied and be amazed at the results; I work at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton and will be baking for my fabulous colleagues there

Keep a notebook by your bed, and every night make a note of what has made you smile that day, no matter how big or small. Doing this ends your day on a positive note and you go to sleep thinking happy thoughts.

I find simply doing a good deed or something positive each day really helps with the January blues. It may be something really quick like dropping a text to say 'Hi' to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while, giving a couple of pounds to a charity or popping a bar of chocolate through a neighbour's letterbox. Little acts of kindness really do spread positive vibes!

Get out for a walk in nature

Write a list of what you want to achieve in 2021.

Start a journal write down your negative thoughts and five things that you're thankful for each day. Write a letter to anyone who's wronged you, don’t send it to them but throw it on the fire, let it go.

Surround yourself around positive people

Excellent for fun and entertainment during lockdown!!

Keep busy. Keep in touch with friends and family. It's ok to feel a little down for a while but then pick yourself up and think of everything you have that's good in your life

The best way to beat the January blues is to embrace the current changes to the fullest! Stay home and learn to do the things you have always been too busy to do!

Enjoy the small things in life and be thankful for the silver linings of every cloud!

I’m beating the January blues by discovering new things to do with my children on my days of when I’m not working at the hospital.

We have learnt to make collages, make handprint paintings, make playdoh, make lots of different types of cookies and cakes. We have been on walks looking for a bear in the woods!

Their favourite things to do so far always involve the kitchen and getting their hands dirty! They would love to win this awesome prize.

Doing something creative most days whether baking, painting, writing a poem, singing a made up song

How to beat the blues

Whether it’s January or Feb

Take your biggest whisk

And beat it like an egg

There’s also another trick

You could make about a dozen

Mix up your cupcake batter

And pop them in the oven

Your mood has certainly lifted

And life seems so much fuller

Someone asks why your cupcakes are blue

You reply “it’s my favourite colour”

get out in the garden as much as you can

I have been making cakes for all the family and posting out my cheerful creations out to them to cheer them up

I try to keep busy, by cooking (instead of real takeaways i'll do a 'fake away') it makes it more fun and interesting

I also try to de clutter places, tidy place=tidy mind even if you are tidying to sit and watch tv..

and of course baking, because who doesn’t love baking cakes, cookies or trying out new things because I know I do and it definitely helps that I can eat as much as I like hahah! Being busy always helps my state of mind

Keeping the spirit of our very short Christmas going this year by still baking fruit cake, mince pies and sausage rolls. The house has been filled with yummy smells drifting upstairs and boosting the mindset of my children having to work from home, unable to return to university yet!

Get up early get out for a walk with the dogs and be thankful for the day ahead

Eat until your heart's content, stress eat chocolate and raid the cupboards when the kids go to bed because they've had you pulling out your hair from the minute they woke up...

Best advice for beating the January blues is kid on it’s still December ???? especially with all this snow we are having at the moment that is easy done.

For our family to beat the ‘January blues’ we have been doing lots of activities together. From crafts to baking we like to keep ourselves busy.

To beat January blues I like to do some self care and make me feel better. I put some music on, have pamper nights, bake some cookies, get cozy with some blankets and goodies and watch Netflix while cuddling the dogs.

Beat the January blues by having a declutter, and rearranging furniture and ornaments.

Start looking through seed and plant catalogues to plan your garden for spring and summer.

I have started learning about Quantum Physics by watching lectures and demonstrations on my phone, it is so interesting and passes the time wonderfully, I think picking up a new interest or language and learning about it is great for the mind, I suffer with mental health issues and it has helped calm my mind.

I think the best thing for beating the blues is walking on the fresh air when you can and just stepping back and seeing the joy in things. Following my daughter passing from leukaemia two years ago I had really given up on life, she would hate that, I am going to find time for myself to see positives every day and try to help someone else each day, even if it's just a phone call or a smile .

My best advice to get rid of the January blues is to just take one day at a time - getting through each day is an achievement. My other tip is to try get out each day in the daylight for a walk.

My advice is to be there for my friends who are suffering due to this pandemic ..ringing them to make sure they're ok

Buy some ingredients for a meal you really enjoy and take time to cook it and savour it

Loads of cooking & exercise

If home schooling during lockdown perfect opportunity to get those little fingers being kept busy with baking this also counts as a science lesson right? ;) great time to get all family involved

I trust 3 things that always help me beat the January blues they are fresh air, have a clear out and positive thoughts :)

Best advice to beat January blues is honestly just baking and creating something you haven't had a chance of doing before.

Let it be messy and experimental and just have fun doing it with your family. We need that boost during these tough times.

Baking is a good awakening!!

Create a January Bingo board with a different treat or activity for everyday, something to look forward to and to keep you busy.

Sleep till February

Keeping your hands busy can help your mind calm down. When you bake you get two benefits, the calm of being occupied followed by a delicious baked treat. To me it’s the best answer to lockdown blues.

Getting out in the daylight and seeking to write down three things which I am grateful for each day help me to be in the present and find joy in the every day. Plus you can’t go wrong with some tea and cake. So this prize would go a long way towards helping with that.

Mine and my 2 daughters love to walk at least 10,000 steps everyday and doing what we can to make people smile.

We would love to win this and share the goods with friends (if COVID allows)

Take up a crafting project, you become absorbed in this activity and forget what is happening in the outside world, this is particularly good for your mental health, I am currently doing a diamond art picture which is fiddly but great fun.

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