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Mother's Day Competition 2021

Win 2 tickets to Kitchen Stories in our Mother's Day Competition!
This competition is now closed - congratulations to our winner, Lottie!

14th March 2021 is Mother's Day, and The Gypsy Baker is offering a special Kitchen Stories workshop over Zoom, providing an uplifting way for people to connect with their mums even when you can't celebrate in person.

Under the expert guidance of Sandra Ruge (below right), director of Waste2Taste, you and your mum will learn to make pasteis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts) while enjoying engaging tales of Portugese cafe culture, making memories, and being able to tuck into a delicious treat at the end!

Tickets are £15 per household, or £25 for 2 (special Mother's day offer to help families connect across households), and 20% pf proceeds will be donated to the Friends of Larkrise Primary School. You can book via email: [email protected]

This competition is now closed - congratulations to our winner, Lottie!

We're delighted to be giving away a pair of tickets for our Mother's Day competition! For your chance to win, simply tell us: who is your favourite famous/fictional Mother and why? Write your answer below or email it to us on [email protected] for your chance to win. Have a look at the entries below for a bit of inspiration.

Our team member Anna says "Mine is Kirsty MacColl - she died saving her son from being killed by a speed boat and combined with her beautiful singing voice I find that act of parental sacrifice very moving"

Deadline: 10am on Fri 5th March. Good luck!

Entries so far:

Winning entry

My favourite mother is a fictional one, the character Vianne Rocher in the novel (and film) 'Chocolat'. Vianne is a great maker of chocolates, which is a fabulous quality for any mother to have, but she is so much more besides: she is a single mother, she is an outsider, she is defiantly capable and yet she is flawed. The 'baggage' Vianne is carrying from her own childhood is damaging both herself and her daughter, and she learns how to stop living with the ghosts of her past and to move forward, freeing them both and enabling them to flourish. Her enlightenment is mirrored in the members of the community where she has settled, and their initial rejection of her is transformed into acceptance, so that she ends up being the beating heart of her community. She embodies resilience, emotional honesty and generosity - great qualities in a mother!

The sheepdog mum in the film Babe! Because she took an orphaned piglet under her wing and treated him like he was one of her own.

My favourite fictional mother is Ma Costa in Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. She is strong, independent and protective, and cares deeply for her children. She also acts as a mother figure to Lyra, the heroine of the series, who is growing up without either of her parents. Ma Costa looks out for Lyra and has her best interests at heart, even when Lyra is ungrateful or doesn't appreciate the help she is given. As an influential figure in her community, Ma Costa also makes sure that those who hold the power use it for good, such as looking for the lost children, so she can be seen as a political inspiration too.

Marge Simpson- icon, always loyal and fair and has a positive out look!

Has to be Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter! She is a Fierce mum who protects her kids at all costs!!!

Marge Simpson....even though Bart is a little so and so she loves him 100% and always thinks the best of she has super cool blue hair

Mary in the Bible! The Ultimate mother. Loves us all unconditionally x

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