Headington Market

Buy fresh local fish, meat, vegetables, honey etc.

Now takes place on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm, London Road (in the main Headington shopping area).

May 22, 2008

It's a shame this small but well-formed farmers' market only happens on the fourth Friday of the month - I'm sure many of its customers could happily use it weekly. [Now happens every Saturday, so clearly many consumers felt the same way! -Ed.]

Produce ranges from gluten free vegetarian cooking sauces to Cotswold honey and local cider, through vegetables, bread, meat, eggs, fresh fish and even jewellery - plus a bunch of other reasonably local seasonal treats. The cluster of stalls that make up the market fills the top chunk of Kennet Road at Headington shops, convenient for catching people en route to local supermarkets and showing them what high-quality goods local producers can offer whilst bypassing the middleman.

The emphasis here isn't on organic food, but most of the sellers are locally-based (though it still proves economically worthwhile for Pagets to bring produce from their 4th generation, 270 acre vegetable farm in Devizes, Wilts!), and they are specialists in their field. Eadles Farm (featured in the Guardian newspaper) brings 'very free range' eggs, hot meat sandwiches and not only black, but also white pudding, amongst its range of meats. Brynmoor Conserves also sells pepper and tomato plants today - the same variety that will eventually provide the content for the pickles and sauces on sale. Bensons not only have several types of apple juice, but also ice lollies and wickedly tasty traditional cider. And unusually for a small farmers' market, there's fresh fish here too. And you can even get there before work, if you're canny, as this market starts at 8am.

Now every Saturday - much better time!

Not a huge selection, but enough - meat, veg, pies (savoury and sweet), breads & two or three food stalls.

The meat from Eadles farm is exceptionally good value & quality - worth it for that alone.

I'm not impressed at all.This is such a small market that I very rarely find what I need. I find the products quite expensive for their quality. I preferred it when it was on Friday as I work at the NOC and I could do my shopping (if any) during lunchtime. What is needed is a bigger place like Gloucester Green so people don't do their shopping in the middle of the road.

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