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Books, CDs, Videos, DVDs

Oxford is blessed with a remarkable number of bookshops for this day and age - even a few secondhand ones. We have listed them in our Guide to Shopping for Books in Oxford.

We are a literary city, and a remarkable number of stories have been written and/or set here. You can find a list detailing some of these - from Brideshead Revisited to His Dark Materials - in our page of Oxford Novels.

Check out our meetings pages for book groups!

Useful Links for Oxford Writers

  • The Writers’ Greenhouse 12-week Novel-building evening course, starting Tuesday 21 April 2015  
  • 2015 PBFA Oxford Book Fair, Sat 25th & Sun 26th April at Oxford Brookes Gipsy Lane. Over 100 booksellers attendin  
  • Mon 20th Apr, 12:08 OX4 4DY - Map  
    Vinyl Jazz, Classical and others. List available Email Me 
  • Sun 19th Apr, 17:46 OX1 2LW - Map
    Werner Bergengruen: ";Die Drei Falken" (The Three Falcons) £3 Email Me 
  • Sun 19th Apr, 15:46
    Birthday Parties for Kids book £2 vgc Email Me 
  • Sun 19th Apr, 11:30 OX3 8EN - Map
    More than 70 Collection of singles pop and R&B music cd with the case £55.00 Email Me 
  • Sun 19th Apr, 09:31 OX2 9AH - Map  
    7 copies LIFE International Magazine, November 1948 to August 1951; any offers? phone 01865 725861 Email Me 
  • Sat 18th Apr, 16:42 OX2 9SF - Map  
    AA Money saving motoring covering routine and major servicing repairs replacement 1974. 40 years old mint condition only £5 Email Me 
  • Sat 18th Apr, 16:41 OX2 9SF - Map  
    Airbus brochures A340, 330, 320 family; plus loads of other military jet material; Absolute bargain this lot £5 Email Me 
  • Sat 18th Apr, 16:40 OX2 9SF - Map  
    Box of classic 78 RPM records.Good variety in excellent condition. 99% sleeve some with duty stamp £20 Botley Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 20:06 OX2 9DN - Map
    The London Coffee Guide, Limited 2014 edition (only 500 copies) £5 Free delivery within Oxford. Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 20:01 OX2 9DN - Map
    Gone Girl book, like new. Normal price £8.99, I am selling it for £2. Free delivery within Oxford. Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 20:00 OX2 9DN - Map
    4 metal stands for CDs, DVDs or BluRay. All 4 for £4. Free delivery around Oxford. Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 19:55 OX2 9DN - Map
    3 new recipe books, you can buy this separately for £2.50 each or together £6. Free delivery around Oxford Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 17:50  
    AS AQA(A) Psychology textbook. Very good condition. Only £15. Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 17:25  
    WANTED Danny The Champion of the World Book & CD school project Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 13:27  
    Nintendo DS Games - Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who Evacuation Earth, VGC, £3 each. Photos/details - Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 13:13  
    Animal Ark children's books, various stories in series, including Kitten in the Cold, Foals in the Field - 30p each Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 09:38 OX3 0AX - Map
    Dickens, Austen, Bronte Sisters, Hardbound Collectors Classic Editions, various (see pictures), £4 to £6. Also dictionaries £2.50 Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 09:37  
    Fictions & few non-fictions 50p - 70p each. Have 10-15 books. Bulk buy discount. Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 05:59
    Cd stand/holder £3 Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 02:42 OX2 6UD - Map
    The Penis Book by Joseph Cohen (humorous and fascinating history) £7 Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 01:16 OX4 1SQ - Map  
    Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy, £3. 07789655210 Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 01:15 OX4 1SQ - Map
    Steig Larsson's Millenium Trilogy, "The Girl Who..": £3 the lot. 07789655210 Email Me 
  • Fri 17th Apr, 01:12 OX4 1SQ - Map
    Henning Mankell's first 5 Wallender novels. £5. 07789655210 Email Me 
  • Thu 16th Apr, 16:54  
    British Battles on Land and Sea By James Grant 1894 Volumes 1 to 4 £220.01869369120.
  • Thu 16th Apr, 14:52 OX26 6EJ - Map
    Oxford Greek-English Lexicon. Excellent Condition. £59. jjbentley@btinternet.com
  • Thu 16th Apr, 12:08 OX2 9SF - Map  
    Treasures of Great Operettas boxed mint condition from rca records with a beautiful book introduction gypsy baron merry widow Email Me 
  • Wed 15th Apr, 17:47 OX1 2LW - Map
    Riven (PC CD-ROMs) £5 Email Me 
  • Wed 15th Apr, 11:59 OX3 8EN - Map
    More than 70 Collection of singles pop and R&B music cd with the case £55.00 Email Me 
  • Wed 15th Apr, 09:04  
    Vinyl Classical Box Sets Mahler Wagner Vivaldi Shostakovitch complete with booklets. Very Good condition. Some Jazz. Email for list Email Me 

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