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  • Sun 29th May, 17:20  
    has anyone got any anything that could hold kitchen linen? Email Me 
  • Sun 29th May, 17:20  
    Is there any hairdresser, beautician, stockist etc that has any hair gel to dispose of? Email Me 
  • Sun 29th May, 15:48  
    Wanted: Gas fire with glass front, with/without fireplace Email Me 
  • Sun 29th May, 15:47  
    Wanted: Dining table and chairs in good condition Email Me 
  • Sun 29th May, 00:28  
    Looking for a studio or 1 bedroom flat in Abingdon or around. Budget 650GBP. To move by mid-June. Email Me 
  • Sat 28th May, 16:44  
    I have chairs that require new covers to be put on them. Is anyone able to help? Payment possible! Email Me 
  • Fri 27th May, 12:48  
    Wanted urgently any garden furniture and kids garden items please Email Me 
  • Fri 27th May, 12:47  
    Wanted any garden furniture and kids garden items please Email Me 
  • Thu 26th May, 14:15  
    Struggling to buy a home in Oxford? Be a part of my mini-documentary. Unpaid role unfortunately. Email Me 
  • Thu 26th May, 10:53  
    Crafters wanted to hold a stall at a Summer Fete in St Johns Home call 01865 247725 for information Email Me 
  • Thu 26th May, 00:48  
    Wanted: Linen- or cloth-lined laundry basket in good condition Email Me 
  • Wed 25th May, 18:24  
    Ice skates (figure, not hockey), adult mens size 9/10 (Eur 43/44) wanted Email Me 
  • Wed 25th May, 13:36  
    WANTED. Mountain bike back wheel with disc brake facility please. My wheels got stolen again. Email Me 
  • Wed 25th May, 09:03  
    Wanted: old or broken costume/ cheap jewellery to make dance costume. Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 23:59
    Make up artist urgently requires medium sized GHD hair straighteners in good condition. Will also pay for delivery. Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 20:39  
    Has anyone an unwanted garden bench please. Tel 01865 244260 Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 16:59  
    Wanted! Crafting supplies for an all day craft event-paints, glass jars, chalks, stickers, paper plates, old tins, glitter... Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 16:56  
    Donations of recycled crafting supplies needed for an all day craft event! Paints, glass jars, feathers, glitter etc... Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 15:58  
    WANTED PLEASE PC tower and curtans thinks Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 13:14  
    Wanted - Cheney School jumper (grey) and PE t-shirt (red), small sizes (28-30). Please email details/price Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 10:11  
    Lascal Mini buggy board Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 09:51  
    Wanted: small fridge. Thanks Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 08:09  
    WANTED: Free car please: so I can visit my daughter in Torquay. Much appreciated. Email Me 
  • Tue 24th May, 00:59  
    Small Dry Secure storage wanted near Donnington Bridge. Must have easy 24/7 access. 201425
  • Mon 23rd May, 23:07  
    Wanted need women's size 14 clothes, have lost a lot of weight lately - thanks Email Me 
  • Mon 23rd May, 19:38  
    FLAT ROOFING anyone out there can help me refelt kindly ring or text 07440726663 thanks Email Me 

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