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Can't find what you're looking for on our For Sale pages? Then try placing an ad here! Someone might well want to get rid of just what you're looking for.

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  • Fri 9th Oct, 07:57  
    Wanted Centronics Cen36 Female to Mini-Centronics HPCen36 Male IEEE1284 Parallel to USB Printer Adapter Email Me 
  • Thu 8th Oct, 15:13  
    Hello Aluminium ladder wanted to make ramp from. 190-200cm please any condition can cut to size. cheers. 07944553007
  • Thu 8th Oct, 08:53  
    Local school needs free photocopying paper, pens, pencils 01865 779176 Email Me 
  • Wed 7th Oct, 15:41  
    Students wanted for Free English classes on Tues and Thurs afternoons at 3.00pm. Call 01865 791108 find out more. Email Me 
  • Wed 7th Oct, 04:28  
    WHEEL CHAIR for my elderly father free or as close to please 07719 700518 thanks Email Me 
  • Tue 6th Oct, 20:48  
    Looking for 3-4 cheap old metal poles around 1.8 m each. Similar to scaffolding, strong to hold a canopy Email Me 
  • Tue 6th Oct, 16:05  
    Very good cartoonist needed. Please contact me. Many thanks! Email Me 
  • Tue 6th Oct, 15:34  
    Did you work as a driver/fireman on the railways in the days of steam at Oxford? Contact 01566 782423
  • Tue 6th Oct, 13:18  
    registered childminder needed for after school pick up from november in Oxford RoseHill primary school. Email Me 
  • Tue 6th Oct, 10:38  
    Wanted: MICRO SPRITE SCOOTER for 6 year old boy. Email Me 
  • Mon 5th Oct, 12:00  
    URGENTLY NEED TO buy ASAP 2nd hand (Brother) printer, make MFC - 440CN. I'm located in North Oxford. Email Me 
  • Mon 5th Oct, 11:17  
    Oxford United fans are wanted for a paid psychology study. Email me for more information. Email Me 
  • Mon 5th Oct, 08:50  
    Drum-Beats.co.uk needs p/t GUITAR tutors Oxford schools 07910 433265 Email Me 
  • Sun 4th Oct, 13:58  
    Wanted - old style computer mice. Greatly appreciated. tel: 07517 019900 Email Me 
  • Sun 4th Oct, 13:45  
    I need coffee table free as soon as possible plz (free) Email Me 
  • Sun 4th Oct, 13:44  
    I am looking for clothes rail free as soon as possible plz Email Me 
  • Sun 4th Oct, 13:43  
    I am looking for single bed, bed and duvet covers free as soon as possible plz. Email Me 
  • Sun 4th Oct, 09:32  
    Stowmatick/Hill Billy big attery charger (red & black connection) wanted will collect 07773209498 Email Me 

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