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What is Daily Info?

Daily Information has been in continuous publication since 1964. Our printed version, a brightly coloured A2 broadsheet, is displayed all around Oxford - in every college lodge, all departments at both universities, as well as sundry pubs, cafés, shops and offices (that's over 400 public locations). The sheet contains all the paid advertising from the website (jobs, accommodation, events, services etc), plus as much free information as we can pack in - cinema, theatre, gigs and meetings listings; reviews, cartoons, and much more.

We now publish the sheet twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, throughout term time and the university vac. The deadline is always 10am the day before issue. You can find out how to advertise here. If you would like to receive a copy of the sheet on a regular basis, have a look here.


Daily Information was founded and run for 40 years by John Rose. You can read why, in his words, here. Below right is a picture of the first one (A4), from 28th September 1964. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

The latest printed sheet can be downloaded here, but you will probably find it quicker, now that you're here, to browse our website, which contains everything in the printed sheet and more.

One of our longest-standing customers remembers some of the gadgets in the early days of Daily Info:

"Long ago in the days before fax, computers, the internet, and e-mail there were things called word processors, letters and telex. Word processors were huge and also hugely expensive. They used disks the size of plates and DI was open 24 hours a day. You had four machines made by Phillips with names  I can only remember Jim and Cyclops (Jim and I had a special thing going but my relationship with Cyclops was so so).

"In those days all the schools in Oxford had the same telex address as telex machines were enormous as well. It was something like 83147 via OR Attn Lake for e.g. (OR = Oxford Relay who had an office in Howard Street I think off the Cowley Road). It was run by a South African guy called Gideon. When they received a telex message they would telephone, read it out, and then send it out by post (which, you will be amazed to hear, always arrived the next day."

Graham Simpson, Oxford English Centre, April 2010

Other Publications

In addition to the Daily Info printed sheet, over the years Daily Information has published many series of Oxford guides, calendars, maps, What's On brochures and a book of cartoons about Oxford by our resident artist, the late Mary Potter.

Our current publications include an A2 Year Planner (produced every September and distributed free - email us and we will send you one); the weekly What's On (events listings for Oxford), an excellent Map of Oxford By Day & Night (email us for your free sample copy - further copies 20p each), and some online calendars.

Any of these can be downloaded as pdfs by following the links above.

We also distribute posters, for a modest fee, to our sheet display sites around Oxford. Find out more here.

Current staff

John RoseJohn Rose died in December 2004, but we are carrying on much in his spirit. We try to make our site and sheet as useful, entertaining and as free from hype as possible. We are always interested in comments and suggestions for improvement - let us know by email or contact us by other means.

Daily Info Animals Help cartoon

We tend to take on each other's roles indiscriminately, but nominal responsibility for specific parts of Daily Info is as follows:

Miranda, intrepid Daily Info naturalist - octopus crocheted by Jen Pawsey Continuity Warlord: Miranda Rose
Email: miranda@dailyinfo.co.uk

Susie, Daily Info Financial Director. Licence to bill. Company Director: Susie Cogan
Email: susie@dailyinfo.co.uk

Jenny, Daily Info Managing Director Company Director: Jenny Pawsey
Email: jen@dailyinfo.co.uk

Bloke, programming Programming: Patrick Vale
Email: bloke@dailyinfo.co.uk

Anais, CompetitionsMarketing & Podcast Officer: Anaïs Higgins
Email: competitions@dailyinfo.co.uk

OrlaCinema & Sheetmaking: Orla Browne
Email: orla@dailyinfo.co.uk

HinIn-office Sabbatical: Hin Pawsey
Email: hin@dailyinfo.co.uk

Then Dan snared the new type of Velociraptor just like thatBaby and Dinosaur expert: Dan Abrey
Email: dan@dailyinfo.co.uk

Robin Hughes-Jones Robin Hughes-Jones, Ben Werdmuller Ben Werdmuller, Alastair Wilson Alastair Wilson


What People Say About Us

Here is some recent feedback:

"You are doing a great job. After coming to Oxford I immediately bookmarked all of your pages"

Torsten Menzel, student

" I wish all our suppliers were as nice to deal with as you are!"

Richard Hillsdon, www.homeitsupport.biz

An Ode to Daily Info (a poem composed and sent to us by kindly fan Stephen Bardle)

Jobs Offered:

“Daily Info was the right choice for us when looking for a graduate to work with our small company. In just 2 days we received over 40 applications, most of which were of a very high standard, from both universities and beyond. The best thing of all was the speed within which we found the right candidate - she was already working with us less than 24 hours after we put the advert in!”

Sam Hampton, ecoVeritas

"We get great responses from your ads and you are always so nice to deal with."

Fiona Pocock, Principal, Oxford Tutorial College

"I just wanted to say I have been overwhelmed with responses to the job advert I placed yesterday ... the first email arrived even before your automated receipt! What's more, there have been some high calibre applicants and so even though I have yet to shortlist I can already see that it has been a very worthwhile exercise."

Helen Toone, Electronic Enlightenment Project, University of Oxford

"I am writing to thank you very much for your service, which continues to be fast, efficient and effective. I have used your webpage and broadsheet for many of my recruitment campaigns, as we are an Oxford-based business, and have always found it an excellent way of sourcing suitable candidates. For me this is proof that you are of great service to the people of Oxford and that many residents of the city, and non-residents alike, benefit from the information that you provide and keep up-to-date."

Vanessa Harrison, Language Development Manager, Alden Prepress Services

Houses and Flats For Sale:

"Daily Info is fantastic! The service is friendly and helpful, the website is clear and user-friendly, and I reached loads of people through my advert. They made it really easy to sell my flat. A real Oxford institution - thanks, Daily Info!"



"We have used your site to look for volunteers in our office and we have had a great response - in fact all our leads thus far have come from Daily Info. It has gone really well and we are very impressed! I have also used it to find house shares and I have recommended it to anyone new to the area looking for accomodation."

Elizabeth Havercroft, Local Supporter Fundraising

Coming Events:

"No fuss, no stress – Daily Information gives the Museum of the History of Science a fast, efficient and friendly service that I thoroughly recommend."

Jim Bennett – Director, Museum of the History of Science

Rooms to Let:

"We advertise with Daily Information whenever a room becomes available in our shared house and we always fill the room within a week. Swift, affordable and accurate, the website is backed-up by exemplary, friendly customer service. To anyone in Oxfordshire Daily Information is indispensable."

Gerard Barker, Reed Elsevier

"For over two years I have advertised my rental properties with Daily Info and nowhere else. The website's user-friendly, the service has always been accurate, and, most importantly, I have had plenty of inquiries from all over the world and have always found excellent tenants fast. Oh, and it's cheap (but don't tell the guys at Daily Info I said that)."

Rachel Griffiths

Houses & Flats To Let:

"I felt the urge to write you this short email to say how excellent your site is. I've been using this site for around 3-4 yrs to advertise my houses for rent. Everytime I add the house on dailyinfo, it's taken by someone within 1 week. Keep up the good work with dailyinfo. With the hard work you've put in and are continuing to do, I can only see it improving."


Small ads:

"Just wanted to let you know that I listed my car for sale on your site just on a whim to see if there was any interest – within 24 hours it had sold for a better price than I expected."

Kester Holmes

Free Events Listings:

"Thanks a lot for your help - you run a great system, and it is much appreciated. I am getting a lot of response from DI - thanks."

Monica Franke - MCF Osteopathy

Printed Sheet:

"The Daily Information sheet is the only way our visitors can have an overall picture of the events going on in Oxford. It helps us direct our guests immediately to what may appeal to them. I would say that Oxford Information is an indispensable tool for everyone in Oxford."

Tony Godel – Proprietor, Burlington House

The Weekly Pin-Up:

"You do a fabulous job with your weekly emails and your site is a unique resource for all of us living and visiting Oxford!"

Marianne Julebin, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charitable Funds

In General:

" As is the norm these days, I use loads and loads of websites. Just want to say that your website is one of the very best in terms of clarity, user friendliness, and easy access to info. Thank you for such great work."

Dr. Mohga M. Kamal-Yanni

"This site is excellent. I've used it to find out about different clubs and societies as well as advertising a room to let. It's invaluable."

Lucy Stephens, Oxfam GB Development Education Team Administrator

"I'd like to congratulate you and thank you for writing such a brilliant website. It has helped me no end...the perfect mix of functionality, ability and localisation."

JCD, musician

"Can I just say what a brilliant institution Daily Info is? A real vade mecum!"

Francis King, Administrator, St Michael at the North Gate (Oxford City Church)

"This site is the most user friendly web site I've ever come across. It's so fluently designed, it really doesn't feel like a website at all. More like talking to somebody knowledgeable who responds instantly and effectively to your questions. It's quite eerie really, 'cos it's just so far from the normal frustrating 'finding out stuff and trying to print it in coherent format' uphill struggle of most listings sites. It's got:
Well organised listings
All the basic details necessary
Simple listings / date search
Beautifully simple print-offs
(also really low levels of dross per page...lovely!)

Time Out could learn a few things here...!"

Rhoops (through review system)


"I just want to say how impressed I am with Daily Info; we ordered some of your maps a week or two ago and they were here within a matter of days & are possibly the best maps of Oxford I've ever seen. Go Daily Info!"

Kate Lewin, OCCAM Centre Administrator (by day)

Year Planners:

"Here I am again, begging for one of your excellent year planners. It's an invaluable office aid...we wouldn't have a clue who's doing what without one."

Sue Collins, Royal Mail

"The second most useful thing in our office after our street map!"

James E Griffiths, Senior Partner, Pearce Alder & Co. Estate Agents


"Hi, Just thought I'd let you know that your Daily Info pages (when they are out of date, of course) are excellent when shredded and very colourful to use as packing material for birthday/leaving gifts."

Liz Harris, PA to Prof. W. Graham Richards, Chairman of Chemistry, University of Oxford

Cardboard Rolls:

"Thankyou for the cardboard tubes that you've been able to let me have on behalf of the Cutteslowe Community Centre Art Club. The club really appreciate being able to work creatively with all sorts of different materials, textures, shapes and sizes and these tubes have been a real hit. If you are 5 or 6 then the people made from these tubes are 'big people'!"

Helen Edwards, Leader, Cutteslowe Community Centre Art Club