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Rooms/Host Families Wanted

You can place an ad on this page if you are looking for a room - there are lots of rooms on offer already on our Rooms To Let page - have a look!

Beware of Scammers

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Despite the enormous number of rental properties in Oxford, prices are very high and many people (especially couples) remain in shared houses rather than finding flats on their own. Of course, many people deliberately choose a shared house because it's more sociable - if you're new to Oxford it can be a good way of meeting people.

Finding a property can take some time especially if you're searching at one of the quieter times of year, or need something to start very soon: you may need to stay in a guest house or holiday home for a month or so while you search. And, if you are a student, you should try to sort out your accommodation at least a year in advance.

However, don't lose heart - there are a lot of rooms out there. If you're having problems finding something consider looking in a different area of the city - there are good bus routes around most areas and you might even find that living further out gives you a shorter commute. More advice on renting in Oxford...

  • Wed 4th May, 06:44  
    Host Families Required for European Children on school holidays to the Donnington Littlemore Cowley Areas. Phone Stephen on 01865 430593 Email Me 

    We are seeking host families for our overseas... read more

  • Tue 3rd May, 22:19  
    Student looking for ensuite room 1st June - 31st July, city centre. 400-600pcm. Will view 14th/15th May. Email Me 
  • Tue 3rd May, 14:14
    Female, friendly graduate student looking for single/double room from September! £500 pcm including bills Email Me 
  • Tue 3rd May, 09:57  
    HOST FAMILIES WANTED host students with EF this summer! Call 01865 759670 NOW or visit www.ef.co.uk/hostfamily/uk/oxford for more information. Email Me 

    Host students with the largest private educational... read more

  • Mon 2nd May, 23:34  
    Academic male seeks solitude in large quiet room. Writing book. Barry 07958 457147 Email Me 
  • Mon 2nd May, 22:44  
    Couple looking for room 5th-30th June, aged 21, budget of £500 for the 4 weeks. Email Me 
  • Mon 2nd May, 17:44  
    Double bedroom for a single person. Professional, clean and quiet. From around 1st June. Email Me 
  • Mon 2nd May, 16:35  
    Female professional looking for room <550 pcm incl from Mid/End May in preferably Headington. Email Me 
  • Mon 2nd May, 16:23  
    Young professional looking for a room, from May 23, <650£ pcm. Email Me 
  • Mon 2nd May, 15:14
    Room from 5 june to 8 august city center/north oxford. French student. Max: ?450 incl Email Me 
  • Mon 2nd May, 00:12  
    Summer Let near Citycentre 14/05-31/08 while I complete internship. 21/M Recent grad from USA: clean, easy-going, independent, good credit Email Me 
  • Sun 1st May, 20:05  
    1 bed flat/ double room wanted for professional couple from end of June. Email Me 
  • Sun 1st May, 17:23  
    Hi. im looking for a double room. txt me, thx Email Me 

  • Sun 1st May, 15:34  
    female graduate(s), next academic year, room/flat/house wanted, budget <500pppr Email Me 
  • Sun 1st May, 15:31  
    Couple late 50's seek a Double room for a minimum of 6 months. Professionals Email Me 
  • Sun 1st May, 10:09  
    Host families wanted for international summer students tel Jo 07711 591350. Opportunity to earn ?1360 for 4 students 20 nights. Email Me 

  • Sat 30th Apr, 22:22  
    Academic couple, clean, friendly. Looking to rent room (ensuite perfect) or studio/flat. max 4miles from centre. 07754 348785 Email Me 
  • Sat 30th Apr, 15:17  
    Academic male researcher writing physics book seeks undisturbed accommodation in quiet house. Barry 07958 457147 Email Me 
  • Sat 30th Apr, 10:10£400 pcm  
    A room including bills and internet Email Me 

    A male PhD student seeks a double room with... read more

  • Fri 29th Apr, 22:47  
    A room from 1st of June till the end of September . Email Me 
  • Fri 29th Apr, 21:20  
    Professional couple, clean and friendly, looking to rent a double ensuite room for long term. 07929 091581 or email. Email Me 
  • Fri 29th Apr, 15:40  
    exceptionally family / couple needed as an extending family setting for our most lovely obedient house-trained 5 yr dog Email Me 
  • Fri 29th Apr, 15:25  
    Looking for STUDIO/flat, 6th - 18th June, Female, DPhil student, flexible with location in Oxford Email Me 
  • Fri 29th Apr, 11:47
    Lovely host family with large ensuite . ?650 monthly inclusive of all bills. Email Me 
  • Fri 29th Apr, 07:15  
    I am Alex, working for the University, 27 looking for room to rent in Oxford (city centre). 07459918184 Email Me 

  • Thu 28th Apr, 22:50  
    Double room Mon - Thurs only Mill street, Botley Rd Next to train station. Available for quiet, clean, professional female. Email Me 
  • Thu 28th Apr, 16:09  
    Hi, I'm 34, proffesional male looking for single Room to rent from 1/08/2016, anywhere in Oxford. 07932838024 Email Me 
  • Thu 28th Apr, 14:47  
    Part Time worker seeks double room, max ?400 inc bills, must take benefits, only working part-time, have guarantor. Email Me 

  • Thu 28th Apr, 10:28  
    Single room needed max 400£ pcm incl. Email Me 
  • Thu 28th Apr, 01:19  
    We are two people looking for two rooms in the same house. If you have two rooms contact us. Email Me 
  • Wed 27th Apr, 20:13  
    Female 4th year student looking for room in Headington or Cowley. August 16 - January 17. Budget 450-500pcm/incl. Email Me 
  • Wed 27th Apr, 19:11  
    PhD-single-male from June to next year.walking time to city center is below about 30 mins. Email Me 
  • Wed 27th Apr, 18:57  
    HOSTS REQUIRED FOR Homestay Oxford Limited. Guests of all ages. £20 to £30 per night.  Email Me 

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