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Offer your services as a volunteer, or advertise your opportunities for volunteers, on this page.
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Useful links

  • Volunteers Wanted by Picker Europe. Have you spent at least one night in hospital in the last 6 months?  
  • Find Daily Info on facebook  
  • Unequal or poor vision? You could take part in a study on how vision affects brain chemistry  
  • Help in the development of vaccines against major diseases.  
  • Oxford University are looking for people to participate in Ebola vaccine tests  
  • Are you a relative of someone who has experienced mental health problems? Volunteers aged 18-45 wanted for research study
  • Mon 25th May, 21:32  
    Male study volunteers wanted 18-40, compensation for your time comt.study@psych.ox.ac.uk
  • Mon 25th May, 20:05  
    Cricket umpire required for Saturdays fee paid for more info call 07502323251 or Email Me 
  • Mon 25th May, 19:19  
    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (18-30, right-handed) for brain stimulation study (max 6 sessions) at JR/Warneford Hospital. Earn up to £175! Email Me 
  • Mon 25th May, 15:55  
    Healthy volunteers wanted (aged 18-40) for study investigating effects of typhoid vaccine on emotional processing. Time & expenses reimbursed. Email Me 
  • Mon 25th May, 13:58  
    Healthy right-handed volunteers (40-59) wanted for paid MRI study. E-mail for more info. Email Me 
  • Mon 25th May, 13:05  
    Do you stutter? Researchers at Oxford University are seeking men who stutter, aged 18-50, right-handed, for a study. Email Me 
  • Mon 25th May, 10:55  
    Participants wanted for psychological experiment (Department of Experimental Psychology). Includes harmless but painful electroshocks. £5 for 30 minutes. Email Me 
  • Mon 25th May, 10:28  
    Intentional community looking for new resident, to work in the kitchen team (25-28 hours/week). Braziers Park College - 01491 680221 - volunteers@braziers.org.uk
  • Mon 25th May, 10:11  
    4 HOURS SLEEP a night for 3 nights. Volunteers aged 18-30 required for psychological study. Time and expenses reimbursed Email Me 
  • Mon 25th May, 09:42  
    Volunteer with ARCh, helping primary school children to enjoy reading, please email jane@archoxfordshire.org.uk
  • Mon 25th May, 08:41  
    Are you a good listener? Volunteer for Oxfordshire Advocacy volunteer training course in June - more on http://gettingheard.org/volunteer/ Disadvantaged adults supported
  • Sun 24th May, 13:02  
    Healthy volunteers wanted (18-30 years) for paid study on learning and memory with cognitive enhancer or placebo. Email us: cogbat@psych.ox.ac.uk
  • Sat 23rd May, 08:52  
    Teacher of Brazilian Samba dance wanted for community band, email dance@solsamba.co.uk
  • Fri 22nd May, 15:29  
    Volunteers (R-handed, 20-40yrs) needed for 3-session brain-scanning study at Warneford hospital (4hrs total). Payment: £50. Email Me 
  • Fri 22nd May, 14:48  
    Dark skinned healthy male volunteers aged 18-40, £20 for 2 hour University Engineering study, central Oxford, alessandro.guazzi@eng.ox.ac.uk
  • Fri 22nd May, 14:25  
    Retail Administrative Volunteers needed in our Aylesbury Warehouse - Helen & Douglas House. Email Me 
  • Fri 22nd May, 12:33  
    Persistent low mood? Participants needed for brain scanning study at JR/WH Email Me 
  • Fri 22nd May, 12:21  
    Experienced a Trauma? OR Never Experienced a Trauma? Volunteers over 21 needed for sleep and memory research. Reimbursement provided. Email Me 
  • Fri 22nd May, 08:58  
    Volunteer Tour Guides required Boarstall Tower nr. Brill. Help our visitors to have a memorable experience. Weds some Sats. Email Me 
  • Fri 22nd May, 08:40  
    Recruiting male volunteers aged 18-25 for mental imagery study. Study takes around 2 hours and pays £13 per hour. Email Me 
  • Fri 22nd May, 03:27  
    Wanted Hand Car wash service Experience for cleaning (Priority) 8hr work per day good pay & Commission CV Email Me 
  • Thu 21st May, 21:23  
    Cricket Umpire required for saturday's small fee and tea's for more info please call 07502323251 or Email Me 
  • Thu 21st May, 14:20  
    Speech MRI study: Researchers at Oxford University are seeking men, aged 18-50, right-handed, for a study. Email Me 
  • Thu 21st May, 08:36  
    Healthy right-handed volunteers (40-59) wanted for paid MRI study. Email Me 
  • Thu 21st May, 07:39  
    Friendly volunteers needed at The Porch, Cowley, day centre for homeless adults, mealtimes and activities. 18+. Email Me 
  • Wed 20th May, 20:27  
    Males actor needed for play on July Email Me 
  • Wed 20th May, 18:14  
    MALE SINGER NEEDED for a musical (Songs for a New World) Email Me 
  • Wed 20th May, 09:39  
    Cloning expert wanted to interview on my posdcast Email Me 
  • Wed 20th May, 06:38
    Emmaus: part-time volunteer van drivers - see http://www.emmaus.org.uk/oxford/get_involved/volunteering Email Me 
  • Tue 19th May, 18:39  
    Helpline volunteers needed in city centre, occasional mornings, taking referrals for bereavement support. Full training given, expenses paid. 01865 202242 admin@oxfordcruse.co.uk
  • Tue 19th May, 16:30  
    Director´s Office Internship. Please see more details at http://www.intrac.org/pages/en/directors-office-internship.html
  • Tue 19th May, 16:26  
    Librarian internship position is available, see more details at: http://www.intrac.org/pages/en/volunteer-opportunity-librarian.html
  • Tue 19th May, 14:19  
    OXFORD ART PRIZE volunteers for Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June 2015. Contact info@o3gallery.co.uk or 01865 246131 by 27/5/15.
  • Tue 19th May, 11:16  
    Feeling sad recently? 18-35s wanted for study about mood and responses to baby faces and voices.£10. Email Me 
  • Tue 19th May, 10:26  
    VIRTUAL REALITY STUDY volunteers required for psychological research. Ages 18-70, 1 - 2 40min visits, University of Oxford. Email Me 
  • Tue 19th May, 09:46  
    Diagnosed with Borderline Personality or Bipolar Disorder? Volunteers needed for research on mood and lifestyle. Reimbursed. Please contact: Email Me 
  • Tue 19th May, 09:45  
    Ever feel nervous in social situations? Kind volunteers needed for social anxiety research project: contact Louise for details. Email Me 
  • Tue 19th May, 09:45  
    Healthy volunteers needed. For psychiatry/psychology research on mood and lifestyle. Age 40+. Reimbursed. Please contact understanding-diagnosis@psych.ox.ac.uk.
  • Tue 19th May, 09:05  
    Healthy volunteers wanted for brain imaging study investigating mood using iPad. Website: conbrio.psych.ox.ac.uk/comet . Email: comet@psych.ox.ac.uk
  • Mon 18th May, 22:32  
    Love sketching? Illustrations needed asap for student teacher's materials for children. No budget, just for fun. Email Me 
  • Mon 18th May, 18:38  
    Healthy right-handed volunteers (40-60) wanted for paid brain imaging study. E-mail for more info Email Me 
  • Mon 18th May, 15:15  
    Having trouble sleeping? University of Oxford is offering an effective online sleep improvement programme. Find out more: http://limesurvey.msd.ox.ac.uk/index.php/658355/lang-en Email Me 
  • Mon 18th May, 14:46  
    Healthy volunteers 18-35 yrs wanted for sleep and emotional processing study Email Me 

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