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Offer your services as a volunteer, or advertise your opportunities for volunteers, on this page.
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Useful links

  • You are invited to take part in a study to investigate how different vaccines prevent infection with Salmonella Typhi  
  • Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre seek Helpline Volunteers  
  • Volunteers wanted to drive passengers to our Monday evening social group  
  • Mock Jurors Wanted - £20 for 4-5 hours  
  • Volunteers needed for the Malaria Challenge  
  • Help in the development of vaccines against major diseases.  
  • Sun 28th Aug, 10:38  
    Healthy participants wanted for new online questionnaire study on sleep and emotion. Reimbursement 5 Pounds. http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2857393/Screening-Questions Email Me 
  • Sat 27th Aug, 08:37
    Emmaus: part-time volunteer van drivers - see http://www.emmaus.org.uk/oxford/get_involved/volunteering Email Me 
  • Fri 26th Aug, 16:56  
    Paid Volunteers Needed! Volunteer from home filming everyday life, all you need is a phone! Email for more details. Email Me 
  • Thu 25th Aug, 13:21  
    Looking for a magazine editor for a new youthful media, marketing and communications start up company. Email for details! Email Me 
  • Thu 25th Aug, 13:19  
    Looking for bloggers for new youthful media, marketing and communications start up company! Email for more details. Email Me 
  • Thu 25th Aug, 10:51  
    Participants aged 18-35 needed for a half an hour study- £5 paid and £20, £30 and £50 lottery. Email Me 
  • Wed 24th Aug, 12:01  
    AS Level Students wanted for research interested in number skills and brain development, including scan, puzzles & games. Email Me 
  • Wed 24th Aug, 10:14  
    Baby Study: Babies 0-6 months needed for Oxford Brookes language study, monolingual English, 4 one-hour-long sessions, £60 compensation Email Me 
  • Wed 24th Aug, 10:09  
    Are you worried and 60 years or above? You can participate in exciting research! Please contact for further information. Email Me 
  • Wed 24th Aug, 09:45  
    Healthy post menopausal woman wanted for dietary supplement study award £50 amazon voucher Email Me 
  • Tue 23rd Aug, 22:00  
    Need gay men who participate in chemsex for group discussion - for The ISIS article. Email Me 
  • Tue 23rd Aug, 09:53  
    We are looking for volunteers to befriend our residents and/or support activities in our Care Home. Contact 01865 779888
  • Tue 23rd Aug, 09:45  
    Volunteers needed from September for city centre church cafe: catering and general help. Students welcome. Email me. Email Me 
  • Tue 23rd Aug, 09:16  
    AFRAID OF SPIDERS? Participants aged 18-60 needed for study on drug-enhancement of psychotherapy. Reimbursement included. Oxford University. Email Me 
  • Mon 22nd Aug, 15:26  
    Autumn Fleet Meadow Fair 3rd September, 11am-4.30pm In aid of Restore, working for mental health email: volunteer@restore.org.uk
  • Mon 22nd Aug, 10:53
    Healthy volunteers wanted for brain imaging study investigating mood using iPad. Website: conbrio.psych.ox.ac.uk/comet . Email: comet@psych.ox.ac.uk
  • Mon 22nd Aug, 10:28  
    Borderline Personality Disorder? Awaiting therapy? Volunteers needed for a research study. Time & travel reimbursed. Email Me 
  • Mon 22nd Aug, 10:27  
    Female volunteers with borderline personality disorder needed for psychiatry/psychology research on mood and activity. Reimbursed. Please contact understanding-diagnosis@psych.ox.ac.uk.
  • Mon 22nd Aug, 10:12  
    Have some spare time? Volunteer in one of our Restore cafes, learn new skills and meet new people! Contact volunteer@restore.org.uk
  • Mon 22nd Aug, 09:48  
    Healthy, Male non-smokers aged 18-40 wanted for study at Warneford Hospital, generous compensation for your time Email Me 
  • Mon 22nd Aug, 08:48  
    Please help with research on sleep and mental health! Chance of winning ?50 Amazon voucher! http://limesurvey.msd.ox.ac.uk/index.php/748341/lang-en
  • Mon 22nd Aug, 08:25
    Volunteers Wanted for a Psychology Research at the University of Oxford. You will be paid for your time. https://www.facebook.com/researchonlearning/ Email Me 
  • Mon 22nd Aug, 08:25  
    Visitor Welcome Volunteer opportunities for the National Trust at Boarstall Duck Decoy 10 miles NE of Oxford. www.nationaltrust.org.uk/boarstall-duck-decoy. Contact richard.skilbeck@nationaltrust.org.uk

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