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Daily Info's Introduction to Oxford

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Oxford from above
© Andrew Middleton 2005

Let it be known that you live in Oxford and you will find yourself subject to all kinds of assumptions - that you will spend your afternoons punting on the river (summer) or eating crumpets by the fireside (winter), that your sitting room - should you have one - is oak-panelled, and that your conversation, as the six o'clock sherry is poured, is in Latin....

While such things do occur in Oxford (some might say not nearly enough), it's also a city like any other. This Guide aims to show you the vast range of things to do and see here as a visitor or resident (as does our whole website - please browse the blue drop-down menus above). If you are a student considering coming to university in Oxford, or a new Fresher, visit our Freshers' Guide for more info on what it's like to study here.

Feedback from readers (to guide@dailyinfo.co.uk) will be most welcome.

Visiting and Exploring

If you are only in Oxford for a day or so, start by reading our Sightseeing page, then then go on to browse our Staff Suggestions for a good day out. You can find information about the city's Museums and Galleries, plan a peaceful Walk by the Thames and have a look at some Oxford Pictures and Cartoons. There are also links to village websites, and other Oxford guides or virtual tours we think are fun.

The Practical Note

Need to find a place to stay? Want to know the best place to eat? Then our Hotels and Guesthouses page and our Food Guide will come in handy. And after all that sightseeing, you'll definitely need to know about the pubs: check out our Pub Guide for lots of reviews of locals by locals.

For up-to-the minute gigs, concerts, theatre, cinema etc, check out our Oxford Events pages. There's always an amazing amount of stuff going on in Oxford; we have very vibrant music and drama scenes and it's one of the best places of its size for classical music events.

Christ Church
View of Christ Church, by Ali Clements

The Guide should be useful for residents and students as well as for visitors. Under 'Entertainment' you can find up to date event listings and reviews, as well as comprehensive, searchable and reviewable lists of venues. The 'Shopping' section kind of speaks for itself - but there are a few useful bits you might not expect, such as where to shop for gluten free food or locally grown produce. Under 'Living' there is fabulous information of all sorts, from Computing and banking services and lists of shops that stay open late, to Daily Info's guide to being a parent in Oxford!

You name it, we have discoursed upon it at length. Or if we haven't, you should let us know! Enjoy!