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Sex and the City [15]

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The film of the series.

If you like good plot development; if you're a sucker for subtle, but profound characterisation; if you like the narrative and action of a film to enthrall you; don't go and see this. It's the worst film in a long time, the cinematic equivalent of a barbie doll. After the TV series, which was ever enjoyable and rarely resorted to the saccharine puerility of the film, you will find it a monstrous disappointment.

James , 30/06/08

Beautiful film! Visually lush, visually gorgeous. The most talked-about man -- Samantha's next-door neighbour, Dante -- gives some great nude shots, including a full frontal. The materialism of their lives is so improbable and 'perfect' that you basically have to see this as fiction, and just take the emotional parts as the 'real' parts. If you believe in the materialism, then you also have to acknowledge the great sexism, classism, and racism in this film. But it has a good story, and that's what will hook you to the end. If you love fashion, gorgeousness, lightheartedness, and sensuality, you will love this film.

critic , 22/06/08

Having watched all the series of Sex and the City and identified with all the heroines at different points in their journeys through life and love in the Big Apple, I have to say the film is a let down. It would be pleasant enough to have on in the background while the girls are round with a bottle of wine but the cinema experience of this film is dull.

Each of the characters has been diminished to a trite stereotype in the transition to the big screen, losing much of what made each so appealing to their small screen fans. All of the feminism evident in the series has been drained out, leaving dead-eyed women intent on big labels and bagging a man, any man, the richer the better while paying lip-service to the idea of love. To be honest, they should end the film with Carrie tattooing 'DOORMAT' on her forehead.

This could have been so much better.

Lisa , 16/06/08

OK, which person in the production team didn't spot that the boom was visible in the last 15 minutes or so of the film in several key scenes? And how can a top blockbuster film like this get away with what is basically an amateur mistake of film-making? For all rushing to go and see SJP et al, why not make this an interesting aside; I didn't actually count how many scenes I could see the sound mike wandering in and out of vision at the top of the shot, but maybe somebody else can?!

So, obviously all the budget for this film went on the dresses for our four heroines, who should be familiar to everyone by now. The film is really OK - not brilliant, but emotionally satisfying in places. I won't reveal the plot, as it will spoil everyone's enjoyment, but the film basically carries on from the series, catching up on Miranda and Steve's relationship; Charlotte's ambitions to be a mum; Carrie's on-off thing with Mr Big and Samatha's dalliance with her hunky actor, Smith. The ending is a bit difficult to swallow, but overall, this is a pretty good attempt at doing the impossible - translating an iconic small screen series into a successful big screen movie.

I thought Kim Cattrall, who played Samatha, will probably be kicking herself for agreeing to be in the film, as her character comes out worst, losing all her feistiness and possibly not quite looking as good as the others, while all the other women just get happier and look more radiant. Shame, but anyway, still a perfectly pleasant evening's entertainment, so do enjoy.

Roz , 29/05/08

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