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City of Oxford College - Oxford City Centre Campus

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Further education college - full-time vocational courses, adult education, short courses, etc. Has a restaurant run by the catering students. Wheelchair friendly. Wifi access available.

Good wheelchair/buggy access
Oxpens Road

Telephone: 01865 550550
Fax: 01865 551386

Map Website


Coming soon to City of Oxford College - Oxford City Centre Campus:

Open Hip Hop Choreography Class Tue, 26th May 2015: 7-8pm
What next after GCSEs? Wed, 10th June 2015: 6-8pm
Body Politic Summer Jam Wed, 22nd July 2015: 6-10yrs: 10-12:30pm 11-18yrs: 1-3:30pm (runs until Thu, 23rd July)

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This week's events at City of Oxford College - Oxford City Centre Campus

Open Hip Hop Choreography Class Tue, 26th May 2015: 7-8pm
And beyond this week...

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