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G & D's (George and Davis)

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Listed in Ethical Venues & Restaurants and Cafés

Cow-themed café serving bagels and freshly-made ice-cream in many interesting flavours (customers can suggest new ones). Possibly the best coffee ice cream in Oxford. A bit noisy and crowded, especially after the pubs close, but there's a tiny garden out the back, and you can read Daily Info there too. Has siblings in St Aldates and the Cowley Road.
Opening hours: 8am - midnight, every day. Wheelchair friendly.
Ethical / Green data Ethical data
Fair Trade products Fair Trade tea, coffee and ice cream.

Cuisine: American.

Take-away availableGood wheelchair/buggy access
55 Little Clarendon Street

8am - midnight, every day
Telephone: 01865 516652

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picture of G & D's (George and Davis)

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Reviews of G & D's (George and Davis)

I went there alone on a Wednesday around 2pm and practically had the whole place to myself. I'm devoted to ice cream so my visit there was a long time coming. I ordered a scoop of Bananarama (banana ice cream) in a cup (a waffle cone is 20p more, the cone itself looks delicious, though) - the price was very reasonable (£1.95 for one scoop) and the cup was completely full, it felt more like a scoop and a half to me. The ice cream was to die for. I have ice cream wherever I go no matter the weather and this is hands down the best banana ice cream I've ever had. The taste is very rich. As lovely as it was, I was disappointed in the lack of choices on the menu: only a handful of flavours are available, and fairly boring ones at that (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate). Still, there were 3 special flavours when I went, one of them being Christmas pudding.

The lady who served me was very friendly and professional. The place has a very nice atmosphere, greatly helped by the excellent music - Sam Cooke was playing when I went. I'll definitely go back, if only to buy half a litre of banana ice cream to take home with me (£4.10). There's also an on-going contest: if you're the first to guess who the quote on the blackboard is by, you win a regular scoop of the flavour of your choice. I simply wasn't learned enough on Wednesday but maybe I'll have better luck next time.

Sibylle , 10/12/09

Nice! Friendly staff, good food, great ice cream! Highly recommended. This is one of my favourite places in Oxford. Take a look at the flavour petition. If you have a flavour idea they will make it if you get 30 signatures... the petitions are available in the shop in a book kept on the counter near the front of the shop. This book holds various petitions that are collecting signatures. Chances are the you will find many flavours that you like available in the shop but if there's one that you're craving and it's not there then start a petition!

Melvin R , 01/12/09

I have never been that keen on ice cream but this place has ratcheted-up my enthusiasm. More than once I have had a G&D's ice cream craving. I also like its quirky, homespun sort of atmosphere and that it's a pretty good place for lunch too (bagel sandwiches and salads). I am not a 'regular' in the sense that I come in multiple times a week but I have stopped in for years and it has been consistently good. I see familiar staff and manager faces at the other two shops in Oxford (St Aldates and the Cowley Road) and I like this as it gives a sense of the shops working together and a kind of team spirit. What prompted me to write this 'review' is that I had a craving for a new flavour they had in last week involving ginger biscuits (and who know what else mixed in) which was AMAZINGLY GOOD but when I visited the shop today it was gone - sold out! G&D's please bring this flavour back!!! (PS. recent redesign and repainting of wall mural at this shop is an improvement. The old one was a bit 'tired'. That said, the entirely different design in the Cowley Rd cafe is by far the best...it gives the cafe a very smart and colourful feel.)

JJ Webb , 29/11/09

What a fantastic and unique place. A relative of my mine who has lived in Oxford for many years recommended it to me and I stopped in as a break from some shopping. I am keen on ice cream and they do the real thing (my grandparents used to make ice cream). It's nice to see a place that runs counter to the standarised Ben & Jerry's and Haagen Daz chain formats. G&D's adds other dimensions (besides ice cream) as well. My partner had a really nice blueberry muffin and coffee (black)... and my eyes were drawn to a very tasty looking bagel sandwich being served to the person ahead of us in queue. Next time I'll try a bagel and top it off with a chocolate shake! Thank you to George & Davis.

RBarnes , 27/11/09

George & Davis' Ice Cream:
The Cow theme was because the owner, Davis, played "football"/soccer with the brother of the artist who did Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. In the early days of G&D's, he visited the shop and drew the template for the mural with the cows and Oxford spires backdrop, which is why it may feel familiar to people who know Ben & Jerry's.

Oxford Blues (DI User), 23/11/09

Many thanks to the staff at George and Davis for the excellent, friendly and efficient service my family and I received on our visit over the weekend. Even though they were rushed off their feet with a queue to the door the young lady serving us still managed the brightest smile I have yet seen. This place has come highly recommended and has most certainly lived up to expectations. We will definitely be back next time we are in town!

Delighted out-of-towner , 17/02/08

Known primarily for their inventive (often strange) ice cream concoctions, G&D's is a different sort of cafe. Their selection of bagels, cakes, drinks and hot food is extensive enough for what is effectively an ice cream parlour, and have all been delicious in my experience. Yet it is the ice cream that is a must-try for any G&D's virgin as it is just so good. Made at the Jericho shop and cycled over to the other 2 G&Ds' on Cowley Road and St. Aldates, the ice cream is fresh and genuinely flavoursome - a nice change from the predictable, generic taste of many shop and restaurant ice creams. About a month ago I tried the christmas cake ice cream, which was actually better than any christmas cake I've had - full of nuts, candied fruit pieces, sultanas and marzipan pieces. Occasionally flavours such as brown bread show up - only for the adventurous or brown bread fanatic I think! Another great feature of G&D's is that it is open until midnight on most nights, making it a great place to spend an evening with friends as a change from the pub, or a great place to have dessert on the way home from an evening in Jericho.

Tash , 09/01/08

In G and D's defense, the correct way to make a cappuccino is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed (liquid) milk, and 1/3 foam.* Most coffee-shop capuccinos are more like lattes (Espresso with mostly milk and just a little bit of foam).

G and D's has some of the best service (attentive and friendly) that I've gotten in the UK, good food, and convenient opening hours. It seems like there's a lot of staff turnover, so it's even more impressive that they are usually on the ball.

*Actual Italian cappuccinos are different from the Anglo-American/coffeshop versions.

cdb (DI User), 04/11/07

I'm so pissed off at g and d's right now! I went to the one in St Aldates and paid £1.80 for a cappucino for take away. When she handed me the cup, I noticed that it felt quite light. But when I opened it, the froth was up to the top so I just took it home. By the time I was back in my room, the froth had died down and only half my cup was actually filled with coffee! And I paid £1.80 for it! I've had ice creams and bagels at G&Ds but never a coffee for take away and this is rubbish!

unhappy customer , 17/10/07

I am a regular at G&Ds (and have been for the better part of six years) and I love many things about it. BUT on Sunday my partner and I visited for a coffee and a muffin (which are usually lovely, moist and simply delicious). THIS TIME the muffin tasted off -- just plain wrong. We approached one of the staff members at the counter and very politely pointed out that something was very wrong -- he just rolled his eyes at us... Based on that we didn't want money back or any alternatives -- he made us feel most unwelcome!

We hope for improvements in both the muffin recipe and that weekend staff member's attitude!

Miffed Muffin eater , 17/07/07

Love the atmosphere at G&D's, and always have. It's amazing that a business can keep such high standards over such a long period of time! Staff are friendly and the service is good without being forced. My favourite ice cream at the moment is Greek Yoghurt and Honey - it's very smooth, actually tastes like Greek Yoghurt and honey, and it's sweet without being cloying. Next in line is Green Tea, but I never say 'no' to Dime Bar Crunch either! I'm usually in for a bagel sandwich (couple times a week) and they're always top-notch. It's impressive that in my travels to London and elsewhere, even abroad, people have heard of G&D's.

Long time fan and still a fan , 27/06/07

Thanks to G&D's for great food (bagels and ice cream for four: two adults, two children) and service (speedy and good sense of humour)! Also special thank you to the staff member who chased us down the street to return our 3 year old's toy horse (left behind to graze?).

Arun , 20/01/07

I went in there today and not only was service a little slow but one of the people behind the counter was extremely rude when I pointed out that the person in front of me was still waiting for his bagel - I had been given my bagel and the person behind me was having theirs made. I have always been happy with everything before but today was just a bit much.

Disappointed Bagel-lover , 24/07/06

I really like G&D's, however I think they don't listen very carefully as I constantly have incorrect orders, which is depressing. Service can be tediously slow. Sorry to moan, but someone had to say something.

thomas McDean , 11/07/06

G&D's (George & Davis / George & Danver) is an Oxford tradition of the best kind. Started up in Little Clarendon Street by George and his dog 10 years ago, the new branch opened opposite Christchurch in November 2001. The dog may have changed, but the tradition hasn't: if you are looking for ice cream between the hours of 8am and 12 midnight, G&D's is where it's at. Freshly made (with Jersey cream from a local dairy and no artificial ingredients) in the mysterious and presumably heavenly basement of the Little Clarendon Street shop, the selection of flavours ranges from dime bar crunch, mars mania and super chocolate to mango sorbet, after eight and crunchie bar. There are also regular new flavour experiments (eg. guiness!!) according to customers' suggestions. Collect 30 signatures in the G&D's flavour petition folder, and your idea will be tried out.

G&D's ethos is reflected by its cheery, light, open decor. The staff are friendly and smiley, the stereo plays a range of standard student favourites, and there are constant competitions and fun giveaways. Win ice cream by providing the correct answer to the Question of the Week on the board at Little Clarendon Street, or by bringing in some kind of cow artifact on Wednesday night. Tuesdays at St Aldate's is Silly Hat Night, and Mondays will be Hoop Night (win a ½ litre of ice cream by getting the cow through the basketball hoop) when the management find a way to fix the hoop so as to avoid bombarding the customers with a shower of bovines. A different newspaper is provided each day at both branches, and the Beano and Dandy are also available. Buy a coffee before 10am and get another free; get endless free refills after 10am when you buy coffee with your food; make up an ice cream shake of your choice; put smarties on your ice cream... the fun never stops. Ahem.

As for foods other than the creamy and iced kind, G&D's do a mean line in bagels and pizza bagels, which at around the £3 mark are enough for a small meal. (You can even put ice cream in your bagel if you are really obsessive.) The cakes on offer are good, and ice-cream-free smoothies are available. Back to the ice cream: G&D's will supply college balls by arrangement, and they provide the trendy Branca on Walton Street with their delicious raspberry sorbet. At £1.25 a pop for a little pot brimming with creamy goodness (!), value is excellent. Try the Kenya AA coffee and the pistachio flavour, and the B52 ice-cream milkshake - a meal in itself, and the cheapest cocktail in town.

Su Jordan (DI Reviewer), 14/05/02

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