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Cutteslowe Park

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Rather nice park containing cricket grounds and unexpected aviary. No entry fee. There's also a model railway, run by enthusiasts, with rides on summer Sundays. Outdoor cinema sometimes too. On Facebook? Click here to befriend us and then view our our Cutteslowe Day Out photo album. Wheelchair friendly.

Good wheelchair/buggy access
North Oxford

North of the ring road


picture of Cutteslowe Park

Coming soon to Cutteslowe Park:

Messy play sessions - new materials & themes each week Mon, 22nd September 2014: 10.30-11.30am (runs until Mon, 20th October)

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+ This week at Cutteslowe Park >>>

Messy play sessions - new materials & themes each week Mon, 22nd September 2014: 10.30-11.30am (runs until Mon, 20th October)
And beyond this week...

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