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General Quizzes


Jude the Obscure - 8.00pm, Free
The Tile Shop Ale House, Headington - 7.00pm, £1
The Turnpike, Yarnton - 8.00pm, £3


Cape of Good Hope - 8.30pm, £1
The Old Bookbinders - 8.00pm, £1, donated to Helen & Douglas House
Rusty Bicycle - 7.00pm start (but get there early!), £1 entry for charity.
The White Hart, Headington - 8.30pm


The Red Lion, Marston - 9.15pm, £1, every fourth Wednesday of the month, food at half time!
Harcourt Arms - 8.00pm, £1
HollyBush, Osney Island - 8.00pm, free.


The Fir Tree - 8.30pm, £1
The Royal Standard - 7.00pm, £1 (football dependent!)
Tap Social Movement - 8.00pm, £1
Angel and Greyhound - 8.30pm, £1, donated to charity
The White House - 8.30pm


The Tree Hotel, Iffley - 8.30pm, £1


The Masons Arms - 9.00pm, £1


Butchers Arms - 8.30pm, £1, occasional charity nights
The Chester Arms - 7.30pm, £1
City Arms - 8.00pm, £1, donated to the American Football team they sponsor.
The Crown - 7.30pm, £1, for Parkinsons charity, last Sunday of every month.
The Gardeners Arms, Jericho - 8.30pm, £1
The Marsh Harrier - 8.30pm, £1
The Red Lion, Enysham - 7.00pm, £1
The Royal Standard - 7.00pm, £1 (football dependent!)
Seacourt Bridge Inn, Botley - 8.00pm
Swan Hotel, Eynsham - 8.00pm, first Sunday every month
The White Rabbit - 8.00pm, fortnightly, £1 to enter
The White Hart, Wolvercote - 8.00pm, £1, one Sunday per month, details here.

Music Quizzes

Big Society - 7.30pm, third Tuesday of every month
The Marsh Harrier - 8.30pm, £1, first Monday of every month

Film Quizzes

Phoenix Picturehouse - 7.00pm, fourth Monday of every month

See our listings below for special/one-off quizzes!

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Quiz Night

Weekly quiz with cash prizes.
Butchers Arms
5 Wilberforce St Headington Oxford

Dave's Big Quiz

Weekly fun game show-style quiz
Angel & Greyhound
30 St Clements Oxford

Quiz Night

Weekly pub quiz with prizes including bar tabs, mystery prizes, free food and beer
The Cape of Good Hope
1 Iffley Road Oxford

Quiz Night

Weekly pub quiz with great prizes
Jude The Obscure
54 Walton Street Oxford

Pub Quiz

Weekly quiz night with big cash prizes
The White House by Tap Social
38 Abingdon Road, Oxford

Quiz Night

Weekly pub quiz with great prizes
Jude The Obscure
54 Walton Street Oxford

Quiz Night

Weekly pub quiz with rolling jackpot
The Cape of Good Hope
1 Iffley Road Oxford

The White House Pub Quiz

Weekly quiz with big cash prizes plus a runner up prize.
The White House by Tap Social
38 Abingdon Road, Oxford

Quiz Night

Weekly pub quiz with jackpot round
The Cape of Good Hope
1 Iffley Road Oxford

Pub Quiz

Fun quiz with proceeds to Helen & Douglas House
The Old Bookbinders
17-18 Victor Street Oxford

Music Quiz

Monthly music pub quiz
Marsh Harrier
40 Marsh Road Temple Cowley Oxford

Harcourt Arms Quiz Night

Friendly fun quiz every Thursday night at the Harcourt Arms Jericho. £1 per person entry.
The Harcourt Arms
Cranham Terrace Jericho Oxford

May the 4th be with you Star Wars Quiz night

Time to grab your allies and become the best team in the galaxy. Prizes for the best fancy dressed!
The Oxford Blue
32 Marston Street Oxford

The Chester Tester Pub Quiz

Six rounds, prizes per round & for first place, of GK, Pics, Music, Mystery Link and the Jackpot
The Chester
19 Chester Street Oxford

Quiz Night

Fun quiz including booze tasting round. Win £40; bottle of wine for funniest team name
The Cape of Good Hope
1 Iffley Road Oxford

The Great Sunday Night Quiz

Trivia and general knowledge silliness. Cash prizes.
Butchers Arms
5 Wilberforce St Headington Oxford

The Rusty Quiz

Oxford's most puzzling pub quiz - a fortnightly quiz with trivia puzzles and a bar tab prize.
Rusty Bicycle
28 Magdalen Road Oxford

Pub Quiz

Love a pub quiz? Come and have a go if you think you're clever enough!
The Tile Shop Alehouse, 10 Windmill Rd, Headington, OX3 7BX
Next: Mon 29th July

Pub Quiz

Weekly fun, fiendish quiz with proceeds to Helen & Douglas House. Liquid prizes
The Old Bookbinders
17-18 Victor Street Oxford
Next: Tue 30th July

June 6, 2006
The British are a nation of sporting folk, and often carry their love of healthy, neighbourly competition from its original field; the track, the pitch or the river, into that hallowed seat of recreational refreshment: the pub. I am not referring to those more energetic expressions of invigorating youthful rivalry which have for so many years enlivened our drinking halls, sometimes even spilling exuberantly into the surrounding streets as the evening draws to a close, to the delight of indulgent passers by. My subject is the more sedate, but no less manly, pursuits that enliven many a civilised session: bar billiards, darts, the pub quiz. It is to this last noble art that this short discourse is devoted, inspiring as it does many of our best young people tirelessly to seek glory in the disciplines of General Knowledge, Popular Music, Soap Opera Stars, Simpsons Characters, Obscure Sport and Free Drinks Rounds. At this present time the city of Oxford, long recognised as a locality where the intellectual marrow is sucked with gusto alongside Bacardi Breezers through curly-whirly straws, offers diverse quiz opportunities to the discerning enthusiast.

The Eagle and Child – Tuesdays, 8.30pm, free. (Now at 8.30pm, £1. 01/10/2014 - Ed)
A nice cosy never-ending skittle alley of a pub which has never quite got over its association with the tiresome Inklings, the Eagle and Child has a frankly superior quiz with a few nice touches to liven up an otherwise simple format: 25 questions, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet (except x), 5 of them connected by a ‘mystery link’ for a bonus point. The quiz’s popularity does mean that you need to reach a pretty high standard to have a shot at the prizes (£25 bar tab for first place, £5 tab for second), and from a couple of visits (neither yielding any glory for yours truly) I suspect that there are one or two dominant teams who carry off the laurels every time. Definitely worth a look for serious quizzers able to still their trembling lips in the face of defeat.

The Bear – Mondays, 8.30pm, free.
This one gets pretty cramped, and while I applaud the introduction of a non-smoking section in spite of my filthy habit, I’m not sure this place can support two separate areas – the current system seems to result in 44 desperate addicts crammed into 5 and a half square feet whilst a small group of the fresh-faced and fragrant lounge comfortably just through the doorway with a chair for each limb. But this is probably what we deserve. Anyway… this is another intelligent quiz, frequented by loudly self-satisfied youngsters who are just at that age where you imagine that the rest of the pub will find your conversation more fascinating than their own, and adjust your volume accordingly. I say this indulgently; I’ve been there. Expect to mark accurate answers adorned with inaccurate depictions of genitalia.

Cricketer’s Arms – Mondays, 9.00pm, £1 entry
A lively night with a crackling atmosphere, the Cricketer’s quiz is run by a number of wise-cracking characters whose irreverent and individual approach gives the proceedings an element of theatre as well as competition. I always seem to end up drinking more than I intended at this one. Extremely tacky and yet strangely desirable plastic type prizes for each round, with a Play Your Cards Right jackpot at the end. Purists may be offended by the trivial nature of the trivia (current affairs rounds seem to stray naturally to the seamier side of the week’s news), but get into the spirit of it and you’re sure to have a great time. Go there with lots of mates and shout at the opposition.

Folly Bridge Inn – Thursdays, 8.30pm, £1 entry
Lovely. A long overdue addition to this list - the Folly has one of the city's most well-rounded quizzes, with a nice mix of questions and a good humoured and gently boisterous clientele. It also, without a doubt, offers the most generous prizes: £10 for each round, £25 for the highest overall score and a rollover jackpot for winning all three rounds. Difficult, but taaantalisingly possible. Any complaints? Just that the music round, for me, ends up as a painful guessing game. Playing with a music geek who makes up for my deficiencies doesn't help - it'll only make him conceited. Go there - but please drink enough for the management to think it's worth continuing to offer such nice prizes.

Turf Tavern – Tuesdays, 8.30pm, £1 entry
This is hardcore quizzing. Taking place in the rear-garden of the pub, there’s room for umpteen teams and it still gets full - I’ve been there in freezing mid-winter and the showing wasn’t bad at all. The standard is high, as you’d expect with so many teams, and the questions are really varied, but the weight of numbers sometimes overwhelms the quizmaster and the whole thing can drag on and on. Take an extra jumper and expect to be there for the duration.

Berkshire House - Tuesdays, 8.00pm, £1 entry
I love this quiz. Laid back, local and unpretentious, it strikes just the right balance in terms of difficulty: some questions fairly low-brow (ok, I wasn’t proud to know who won The Apprentice) some satisfyingly tricky, and a music round you can get your teeth into. Too much sport, but that’s just me. What’s more, unlike the more central venues there’s never any trouble getting a seat. So please don’t come to it.

The Chester Arms – Sundays, £1 entry.
Rather disappointing quiz, run by a nice professional quiz chap who also does one at the Annora bar in Iffley, and possibly some others I haven’t been to. I don’t know – this ought to work, but it somehow falls rather flat, possibly because it’s actually a sort of McQuiz rather than being run by regulars or the staff. The prizes given for each individual round seem faintly stingy (and we don’t ask for much – see Cricketer’s) and the jackpot can only be reached by getting through an improbable number of ditzy gambling games and a couple of circles of Hell. Go there on another night for the live music.

The Black Horse, Gozzards Ford, Nr Abingdon

Quiz night Monday 8pm with snowball and prizes aswell as weekly raffle draw.

We went to the Six Bells quiz night on Sunday and can say without hesitation it's the best quiz in Oxford. The quizmaster is knowledgable and funny and the quiz both testing and fun. We were even given free nibbles for each table which were topped up through out the night. A GREAT night out.
Marsh Harrier, Marsh Road, OX4 - Sundays 8.30pm, £1 per person

The quiz has been going for many years and is set by rotating volunteers so the quality can be variable but always varied. They welcome offers from anyone wanting to volunteer as a setter. The atmosphere is good and the pub is great if you can handle the bar prices.

Teams of any size. Five rounds including a picture round. All entry money split between top 3 teams. £2 per team gets you a chance at winning the roll-over jackpot. Bar until 10:30 or 11:00 if you are lucky.
Six Bells- Headington
Sunday Night Quiz

For teams of up to 8 players.
2 x Picture Rounds
2 x Music Rounds
Over 100+ GK Questions.
£1 a player
Cash Prizes - 1st, 2nd, 3rd,
Booby Prize
Great fun on a Sunday night; very popular
Just found out that they are taking nominations for teams to play and suggest their own local charity.

All that and I could tell that there were at least £40 worth of vouchers towards drink/food to be won - 'though, on this occasion, it was not me doing the winning... :(
This was quite busy but great fun, kicking off with a picture round and a music round towards the end. Quiz Master Les has a dry sense of humour but the killer round has got easier/more do-able since most of us were 'killed' in the first few weeks...! The entry money is given to good causes such as Oxfordshire Deaf Children's Society; there are prizes for the best winner in round 1, another for Winner of Round 2 and a final prize for Overall Winner. This is a good place to spend an evening - especially with 6 Cask Marque real ales on tap (and a variety of wines by the glass). Definitely something for everyone. (PS. Tried the fish and chips beforehand and my friend had the bangers and mash - excellent traditional pub grub all round.)
A family run, independent free house specialising in the finest real ales and pub meals. The Quiz night takes place on a Sunday night with ten rounds of five questions each, from 'pot luck' to 'beat the locals'. The Madding Crowd quiz also does what I say is the finest curry available, with vegetarian curry also available; at £3.00, it's quite remarkable to get such great value. The winning team gets a free round of drinks. The starting time is 8.30pm every Sunday: come and pit your wits!
For teams of up to 6 players. 1 pound per person entry. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

2 Music Rounds - 2 Picture Rounds - + 100 Questions.

Is it the Best Quiz Night in Oxford? Probably. The only way to find out is to come along.
The quiz is quite busy, and the scores are usually quite high. Usually in the 50's out of 60. The lowest score I've seen is 36 out of 60, and that was a shock. £1 entry. Quiz mistress is quite nice and occasionally might crack the odd joke in her lovely welsh accent. There are professional players (who are not usually students) and students, the latter are usually trying to cheat on a few answers by googling in the toilets or when they are outside "smoking a fag"... You mark your own answers.

The quiz consists of the standard 10 pictures at the start and there are 10 questions at the end where if you get one wrong you get all 10 wrong. There are other types of rounds in between. It's usually quite a laugh and you can drink until 12.30am.
An unusually well-written piece - thank you. No list of Oxford pub quizzes would be complete without mention of the great Dale Collins at the White Horse in Headington on a Thursday. Awful pub - don't eat there under any circumstances and expect to be roundly abused by the staff - but the quiz is a work of art and Dale a genius. Thrice the length of your average quiz (and for a measly £1.50), weighted towards popular culture but with something for everyone.
Brilliant .This review is quite simply to make all aware that there's no other place to be on a Thursday night. I've often wondered and never personally bothered about quiz nights until coming across the Folly.

The quiz is very easy going, like everything connected to the pub. For £1 it's great value for money with 3 rounds each offering cash prizes, (win all three rounds and you win the kitty which is now in excess of £200 - I'm still trying.) There's a recent addition of the Russian Roulette - style winners' round which enables you to gamble for extra winnings. So in my opinion a must for a Thursday night as well as having a great selection of drinks, and clientèle.

Thanks to all the staff and of course the infamous quiz master Mr Charlie Guinan for making my weekends start early!
Folly Bridge - One of the best pounds me and my partner have invested. We managed to win the highest overall score prize and a round. £33 profit! Just want to win the current £125 jackpot now.
Great atmosphere, with great mix of questions from the "Jolly Quiz Master" big Charlie.
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